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AMW Reviews: Kerastase Resistance Force Architecte

Last Saturday of the month of February!  I can't believe my 34th birthday is coming up soon!  Well, I've got nothing more to ask for my birthday but for the safety delivery of Baby AMW!  He's definitely God's greatest gift to us!

Remember the Launch of Kerastase Resistance Force Architecte?  (Refresh your mind by clicking HERE).  Gosh, I just realized it was exactly a year ago!  I have been a long time Kerastase user as I vouched myself I'll spend a little bit more for my hair as I've been treating my hair quite badly with all those heating tools!  I use blow dryer, flat irons and curling irons on a regular basis and if my hair can talk, they're probably saying: "#$*@&!@)" to me right now!  *laughs*

Since I like to rotate my shampoo, masque and serum usage, I've finally hit the pan with both the Bain Force Architecte Shampoo and the Masque Force Architecte (Masque).  I'm halfway done with the serum so I'm definitely ready to share my thoughts on my experience using this line which is meant for hair with erosion level 3 and 4.  If the numbering is foreign for you, let's just say, this line is made for hair that are SUPER damaged from chemical treatment and heating tools!

Let's start with...

Kerastase Resistance Bain Force Architecte 
 250ml for Php1,485 (approx $34.50)

  • Smells great!
  • Hair feels lighter and easier to manage.
  • Doesn't leave oily or greasy residue.
  • Hair strands feel stronger after a month usage.
  • No dandruff no scalp irritations occur.
  • Price 
  • Super dry/chemically-treated hair may still need the extra help of a conditioner after shampooing.

  • Massage product only hair and leave it for a couple of minutes before you lather.
  • Follow up with a conditioner of choice and apply from mid-shaft of hair down to the ends.
  • Once signs of irritations occur, stop usage immediately.

Kerastase Resistance Masque Force Architecte
(Hair Masque)
200ml for Php2,227 (approx $51.80)


  • Smells exactly the same as the shampoo.  Smells heavenly.
  • Though it felt nothing after wash, hair feels soft, smooth and easy to comb while blow drying.
  • Dryness and frizzy hair were dramatically lessened.
  • Doesn't feel as rich or thick as that of regular hair masque.  It is very difficult to "feel" that the right amount have been applied on hair!
  • Price
  • Apply a good amount of product on scalp and hair, gently massage and leave it for at least 10-15 minutes.  
  • It is much better to do this treatment at least once a week for sensitized hair.
  • Best applied on damp hair leaving it for a couple of minutes with a shower cap or towel.
Kerastase Resistance Fibre Architecte 
(Hair serum)
30ml for Php1,860 (approx $43.25)

 Unique packaging of Fibre Architect.  2 types of serum come out at the same time.

  • Scent is stronger than that of the shampoo and masque.  Could be a pro to some or con to others.
  • Doesn't weigh down hair.
  • Never feels oily or greasy.
  • Gets absorbed into the hair shaft easily leaving hair soft and easy to manage.
  • Hair condition improves with constant usage.  
  • Protects the hair from constant styling.
  • Price
  • Best applied on damp hair prior to blow drying.
  • Massage a dime size amount of product on your hand and spread product directly on damp hair.  Do not apply product on the roots as it may weigh down your hair.
Overall, I originally thought the Nutri Thermique line is my favorite but this jumps up to my number one spot for Kerastase products!  I haven't used a whole lot but his line is my favorite for now as all the products I used didn't give me the allergies or dandruff that I get on most shampoos.  Aside from that, after finishing up both products (Shampoo and Masque) I can definitely feel the improvement of my hair as I don't get to treat my hair at salon due to pregnancy!  I'm glad I have the right type of hair products to help me ease through ugly hair due to changing hormones!

Have you finally tried any Kerastase products? If yes, what particular line?  Do you think it's worth the price you paid?

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