Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Nail Art Tutorial: Be My Valentine + Karat World's The Forever My Love Collection

Ah, my first nail art of the year was done last month and I'm glad I have at least one for the month of February!  It was one fine Friday evening as I was looking at my boring (equivalent to no polish) nails, I've decided to pull out my nail polish box and play with the "safe" nail polish for pregnant women!  Who would've thought playing could be fun?  I ended up with a very simple (promise, it really is!) and playful nails that I would like to call "Be My Valentine".

"Be My Valentine" is an interpretation done by yours truly as this cute, matchstick boy and girl reminded me so much of the couple pillow case we have which I bought from Bangkok Thailand years ago!  I'm sure some of you probably have the same pillowcase too!

Step 1:
Since I do not own any "safe for pregnant women" base coat and top coat, I've decided to give this step a skip and went ahead and applied 2 coats of Girl Stuff Polish in Flirt.  Wait until polish is completely dry.

Step 2:
Create a simple medium-thick French tip using Orly Nail Lacquer in Day Glow.
It is very important to wait for the 2 base coats to completely dry before proceeding to this step.  The reason is, the white French Tip could blend with the base color!  

Step 3:
Pull out your nail art dotting tool or any tool that has a round tip, create random dots using the same Orly Nail Lacquer in Day Glow as shown on photo below.  Try to create different sizes of dots too!

Step 4:
Picking my Orly Nail Lacquer in Le Chateau (this shade looks like black but it's really deep dark green in shade), I create random dots and some overlapping the white dots. 

Step 5:
Create more playful and romantic punch to your nail art design this month, I've decided to use my OPI Haute Red polish and create random dots on the White French Tip.

Step 6:
To make the colors pop even more, use Orly Nail Lacquer in Le Chateau and do the same "overlapping the dots" technique as done on previous steps.

Step 7:
Take out your White colored 2 Way Nail Art Pen and draw a matchstick boy with hands extending upwards.

Step 8:
Create the same matchstick girl on your ring finger with both arms reaching out to someone as well.

Step 9:
Using Revlon Nail Polish in Pink Lingerie, create dots using any tool you want!  As for me, I used a very thin nail art dotting tool.

Be My Valentine Nails are done!

I hope my simple Valentine's Day inspired nail art tutorial inspires you to create your own!  I will definitely try to create more for my favorite month of the year! 

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Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. That nail art looks so lovely!
    You remind me to do some nail art for Valentine's Day too :)

  2. cute! not sure if i have any time for nail art before chinese new year since there's a lot to be done includ cooking n washing :( and the nail art will usually be gone on just the first day :( :(

    1. nah, I know how busy you can be, so no pressure, but if you were able to make one, show me ok? :D

  3. Hi, I think this is my favorite Valentine's day nail art out of all the designs you've done in the past years. I'm going to try it!

    1. thank you so much! Let me know how you did yours! :D Probably send me a photo? :D it'll be great!

  4. So cute! Love the base colour!

  5. indeed cutesy patootsie! wish i could do my nails just like that :-)

    1. I'm sure you can! try lang sis :D kahit dots lang :D

  6. cute and interesting tutorial, I have that shade of girlstuff polish, hope I can recreate this mani later, that is.. if you don't mind sis :)

    1. Sure sis, but do share to me the link of your blog after doing it so I can have a look on your creation! :)

  7. hI! where can i buy OPI nail polish here in the philippines? rustans no longer carries them. thanks!

  8. Hi! where can i buy OPI nail polish here in the philippines? rustans no longer carries them..

    1. Try online resellers just like Digital Traincase.

  9. The color looks so pretty and I love the you paint on your nails. Show good nail art


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