Sunday, May 19, 2013

Weekend Must Try: Cobo "Awesome PossibiliTeas!"

I am very particular with milk teas!  Trust me, I've had enough of milk teas from various brands and seldom do I get impressed by them!  Why?  I want my milk tea to be consistently good, not too sweet, not too bitter, right amount of coldness and the tapioca pearls (if there's any) should have the right Q-ness (that's how they say it in Taiwan!) 

After trying out Coco Milk Tea in Shanghai, I never looked back and never thought I'd be impressed by any milk tea brands here in Manila!  But thankfully, I'm wrong!

What differs Cobo from other milk tea brands is the unique tasty toppings they call Chewdles, Bursting Bubbles and Cocochews!  They also offer fruit juices and teas for those who want to give their taste buds a rest from regular milk teas!

Clockwise: Mango Peach, Oolong Wintermelon, 
Orange Grapefruit Fruiteas and Strawberry Smoothies

Clockwise: Apple Yoghurt, Buttermilk, 
Cobo Milktea and Koffee Jelly Frappe

Of course, we had our first Cobo experience at where else?  Cobo branch at Chinese General Hospital!  *laughs*  I did take a tiny sip as I wasn't aloud to have any cold drinks upon giving birth, Mr. AMW enjoyed his Coco Milk Tea and gave a thumbs up sign!

Now that I'm ready to eat whatever I want!  I'm also excited to give some Cobo snacks a try!

Chicken Chop

Mexican Chicken

Snow Cream

Squid Wedges

Cobo drinks are inexpensive ranging from Php50.00-Php119.00 and their tummy treats are all less than Php100.00!  Perfect for people on the go and at the same time on the budget! :)

To know more about Cobo and be updated on their latest products and promos.  Like them on Facebook.

Have you tried Cobo?
Have you seen their Kiosk?
Which particular drink would you like to try?

Happy weekend food trip!
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  1. Replies
    1. super yummy! finally gave them a try, all the food tastes really good! well almost all as I didn't get to eat all!

  2. That Squid Wedge & Chicken Chops look YUUUMMY!

    xo runbarbierun

    1. super yummY! Tried both! worth trying and worth the price

  3. I love their snow creams and the bursting bubble! Really fun to eat! :)


    1. thanks for sharing, I haven't tried the snow creams..will try next


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