Wednesday, June 19, 2013

AMW Reviews: Maybelline Hyper Glossy Runway Pop Liquid Liners

It's mid-week everyone!  I don't know about you but my energy is quite low considering it's just Wednesday! You can't blame me though, it's exactly 2 months of sleepless nights and lots of breastfeeding!  Again, don't get me wrong, I enjoy every special moment spent with Baby AMW and I just want to say --- staring and looking at a baby for hours is possible!

Single readers out there, I am so sorry for gushing so much about Baby AMW!  I can't help it! 

Anyways, back to makeup!  I haven't been playing with colorful makeup nowadays as I try to wear as minimal makeup as possible as I don't want to rub my made-up face to baby's sensitive skin!  So imagine, nothing much on face and lips so that leaves me like a zombie!  Thankfully, I pulled out my colorful liquid liners from Maybelline, this was released around April (I think) perfect for summer!  I have used all 3 shades (not all together) and I'll share to you  my favorite after the review!

Maybelline says ---
Play up your eyes in this summer's hottest electric shades straight from the runway.  With just a few strokes of Eye Studio Hyper Glossy Runway Pop Liquid Liners, watch your eyes transform from drab to fab with a pop of color.

AMW says ---
  • Very pigmented.
  • The long and slim brush is nice, making it easy to deliver a precise thin/thick line.
  • Has a nice glossy finish.
  • Comes in gorgeous shades of blue, orange and green.
  • Doesn't smudge.
  • Waterproof.
  • Can be layered and create a thick line. 
  • The liner dries fast after application.
  • Easy to remove with regular eye makeup remover.
  • Inexpensive

  •  None.
  • Since this is a liquid liner that comes with a precise brush, it it tricky to apply. 
  • Some shades like Tangerine Orange and Turquoise Blue may not work for everyone as it is indeed very bright!

The liquid liner packaging reminded me so much of my trustee Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner and the quality of the liquid liner is almost the same as well!  What differs Maybelline Hyper Glossy Runway Pop Liquid Liners from all similarly packaged liquid liners out there is the fact that they came up with gorgeous pop of shades with an almost "metallic" finish!  The liners are very pigmented and smudge-proof! 

  • Can be worn alone even without eye shadows.
  • Must only be applied on upper lashline.  Do not apply liquid liners on waterline.
  • Leave for around 15 seconds to dry after application.
  • For very oily lidded individuals, apply an eye primer underneath just to be sure!
  • Try to tone down the rest of your face if you use colorful liners.

Will I repurchase?
Yes!  Especially Khaki!

To whom do I recommend this to?
Makeup lovers who like to experiment on colors!  These liquid liners work for everyone.

Where to purchase and how much?
At local Maybelline counters.  Price to be advised.


Shade: Turquoise Blue
True to life, bright turquoise shade.

Shade: Tangerine Orange
Bright orange, definitely reminds me of tangerines.

Shade: Khaki
 Dark, moss green shade

Top to bottom - Turquoise Blue, Tangerine Orange and Khaki

To test the longevity of the liners, I rubbed my hands so hard trying to remove the liner or at least smudge them.

The most that the liner can do is to flake off a bit, but they never smudge or wear-off no matter how hard I try to remove them!  BUT, if you try to smudge the liners with wet fingers, it is easier to flake the liner off.  So I guess the liners are water-resistant rather than waterproof. :)

Have you seen Maybelline Hyper Glossy Runway Pop Liquid Liners on local counters near you?
Will you wear super bright colored liquid liners?  Which among the three is your favorite?
Obviously, I love Khaki as I'm still more comfortable with toned down liquid liners!  As you all know, green looks great on most Asian eyes so the deep colored green brings out the natural color of my eyes.

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Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

(Products provided for PR purpose.  Reviews 100% mine.  Please purchase at your own discretion.)


  1. i would like to try this! i think i like Tangerine orange, hihi....

    1. wow, bonggels ka sis! orange agad agad! well, its the color of the season anyways!

  2. the colors look great pero before i buy this i need to think if i'd be able to fully utilize this kind of product. hehe :P


    1. Totoo, hindi siya magamit on a daily basis, not unless you are really wild with colors when it comes to eye makeup!

  3. Beautiful Colors :) I love the Turquoise and Orange shades :)

  4. Wow, the colors and quality look great but I'm not experimental when it comes to colors. But I might go for the khaki shade

    1. Let's *high five* on that, I may be a makeup artist who play with colors (on other people's faces) but I prefer mine to be toned down..I guess it's the age :P

  5. These are all suited for warm tones. Perfect for me but I think I'll go for the khaki shade. Para hindi masyadong striking :)

  6. I love Khaki too and same as you, its because I want less striking eyeliners!


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