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AMW Reviews: Pevonia Botanica Ligne Yeux Eye Make-Up Remover

Around 7 years ago, I had severe eye allergies that made me wore sunglasses even at night (yes, I'm singing the song on top of my head now!).  It took me 3 full months for my eyes to completely heal so from then on, I learned how sensitive my eyes are so I made sure to invest time, effort and money to take care of my eyes!  I make sure to clean my eyes with a gentle eye makeup remover EVERY night before I go to sleep.

After trying high and low on various brands of eye makeup remover, I have a conclusion on what my requirements of a good eye make up remover should be ---
  • Does not sting the eye.
  • Non-oily.
  • Removes ALL traces of makeup, yes, even the waterproof ones.
  • Should have a calming effect.
Recently, I "hit the pan" on Benefit's Remove It Makeup Remover so it was perfect timing when I got the Pevonia Botanica Ligne Yeux Eye Make-Up Remover from Elaine of Pevonia.  (Thanks Elaine!)  Elaine told me that most Pevonia partner spas use this to remove makeup before commencing any facial! 

After using this for a couple of weeks (almost a month), I'm ready to share my opinion on this luxurious eye make-up remover!

Pevonia says ---
Cleanse without irritation! Calming and decongesting, Eye Make-up Remover is a refreshing way to thoroughly cleanse eyelids and eyelashes. Gently aqueous and non-irritating, it combines Lettuce, Cucumber, and Arnica to remove your eye make-up without pressure or friction. Also suitable for contact lenses or sensitive eyes.  


AMW says ---
  • Very gentle on the eye.  No stinging or eye irritations at all.
  • No sticky residue.
  • Gives a soothing effect because of the scent and the way how smooth the eye area felt after cleansing. 
  • Lettuce extract helps reduce eye puffiness aside from just removing your eye makeup.
  • Removes even waterproof eye make-up.
  • Not widely available.
  • Spray type packaging, some may not like this but I actually prefer this more as you don't contaminate the product.
  • Price.
A very gentle eye make-up remover that feels like water but removes eye make-up like a cream!  The product works even for the most sensitive eyes.  I am very confident in using this on clients as the product smells really good!  (added Plus)

from Pevonia
  • Use as needed to remove eye makeup thoroughly. 
  • Moisten a cotton pad with a small quantity of this gentle remover and cleanse. 
  • Avoid contact with your inner eye area. 
  • For waterproof make-up, soak the eyelids and lashes for a few seconds with a cotton pad moist with the remover, then wipe and cleanse. 
from AMW
  • If you wear waterproof eye makeup, it is most advisable to use a cotton pad (I highly recommend the ones from Nippon Esthetic Solutions).
  • Press the cotton pad gently on your lashes and lid for a couple of seconds and gently massage the cotton pad with downward strokes.  
  • Fold the cotton pad and remove eyeliner from outer corner going inwards.
  • I prefer to remove eye make up first before cleansing your face.
  • Follow with your eye care regimen after removing eye make-up.
  • Keep the bottle and you can use it to store your makeup cleaner or use it as a hydrating mist bottle!
  • Store the product inside the fridge, the product does not only refreshes you, the cold cotton pad help reduce eye puffiness.

Will I repurchase?

To whom do I recommend this to?
Makeup wearers who have very sensitive eyes.  It is worth the investment as a little goes a long way!

Where to purchase and how much?
Available online priced at Php2,110.00 (approx $50.20).

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Because I'm stingy, I prefer spraying the Pevonia Botanica Eye Make-Up Remover close to the cotton pad to prevent wastage!  *laughs*  #DontJudgeMe

One side of my Nippon Esthetic Solutions Cotton Pad can remove one side of your eye makeup.  You can always use the back side for 2nd cleaning just to make sure there are no makeup residues left!  I was told by my ophthalmologist that mascara residue is a top cause for eye allergies.

Will you purchase Pevonia Botanica Ligne Yeux Eye Make-Up Remover?
At first glance at the retail price, I originally thought the product is extremely expensive, but after using it for almost a month, I realized that a little goes a long way, and the spray bottle helps dispense only a tiny amount of product so one full sized bottle 200ml may last me months!

Keep smilin'
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  1. Thank you, Nikki for sharing your Pevonia experience! =) Some even place their bottles inside the fridge and use the Pevonia Eye Makeup Remover to lessen the puffiness and dark circles. ♥ And yes, a little goes a long way. We hope you could try a Pevonia treatment soon. :)

    1. I can't wait for a full Pevonia treatment! yup, I do put mine on fridge too! :D


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