Sunday, October 6, 2013

Favorite Weekend Drink: Oishi Oaties Milk and Choco Chug

Last weekend, I got a surprise when I got home!  I received 2 boxes of Oishi Choco Chug and Oaties Milk!  What's with the excitement?  Well, I'm a HEAVY milk drinker!  Let's say now that I'm breastfeeding, my consumption for milk doubled and Mr. AMW can rest for a good week from buying me a set of Chocolate Drink and Fresh Milk!  

I immediately but a couple on fridge and gave both a try!  I am leaning on Oaties Milk more and I love the creamy and smooth taste of it!  I was expected for bits of oats but there wasn't any!  I'm not complaining though, both variant taste really good! 

The finely ground oats with 4g of fiber on each 250ml serving is a huge plus especially for busy moms like me!  I sometimes tend to skip breakfast as I'd rather take a nap than eat breakfast, so taking this ready-to-drink milk is a huge plus for me, at least, I won't go empty stomach especially now that Baby Kyle needs all the nutrients he can get from my breastmilk!

Baby Kyle wanting to try Choco Chug!

My drink of choice in between work 

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Have you tried Oishi Oaties Milk and Choco Chug?
Which among the 2 is your favorite?

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  1. i bought this for my son last weekend but haven't tried, i am excited to taste it....:)


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