Sunday, October 27, 2013

Very Special 6th Year Wedding Anniversary!

Today is our 6th year Wedding Anniversary!  On November 3, 2013, it'll be our 17th year together!  I have spent half of my life with Mr. AMW --- my best friend, my boyfriend and my husband!  All through these years, I found myself loving him more each day!  

Prenup pictorial by Jervy Santiago

Our Engagement Cake by Sugarbox Emily Uy
October 27, 2007 wishing for a little one

This year, our anniversary is even more special with our Little Keith :) --- Baby Kyle Nash!
Belly Shoot by Blow-Up Belly Studios
I am so grateful with what the Lord have given me, I may not have the perfect life, I have so many downs for the past years but God made sure He gave me someone by my side who is there for me through thick and thin!  I could never ask for more as he also blessed me this year with a wonderful bundle of joy he gave me nothing but happiness!  I have never felt so complete in my life....until today!

Happy Anniversary Mr. AMW and I can't to talk to Baby AMW and tell him about OUR Love Story! :)  I pray he will find someone as equally as good as me *ahem* Seriously speaking....NOT YET baby Kyle!  *lol*

Have a wonderful Sunday and staying in love doesn't have to be in a relationship, you can start by staying in love with YOURSELF and YOUR FAMILY!

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Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Congrats! I wish my boyfriend and I would also last that long. May you have more happy years together!

    1. Thanks sis, you know what? I wish you and your BF will stay forever too :) As long as you believe it'll happen, it will :D

  2. You're so cute together! Congratulations!

  3. Wishing you more years of bliss and happiness :)

  4. You guys are such a beautiful couple. Happy Anniverary!

  5. You guys are such a beautiful couple. Happy Anniversary!!


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