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Something New: Products that Make you Feel Beautiful In and Out

Wow, November is here and before we knew it, December is here and it's the Christmas season once again!  

Checking my "Query" mails, I realized there is one common issues that most AMW readers have been asking about, what's the best brand of skincare products for their skin!  I know my answer may sound generic to some but it is true, there is no such thing as the best skincare product for everyone!  There will always be that special brand that works for you!  It took me YEARS to finally understand the right skincare products for me, it doesn't have to be expensive, but it is very important for me to choose a range that targets my skin issues --- dull, extremely dry and sensitive skin.  

That is the big question for you to answer --- what is your major skin issue?  
Pimples?  Acne?  Pores?  Dryness?  Extreme Oiliness? etc...

Once you answer that simple question, at least you can go on a search with the right brand for you.  Recently, I got to know more skincare brands from different companies that may help your skin issues.

Whitening range that's Gentle on Skin

Godiva Natural SkinCare
  • Godiva LicoWhite Whitening Soap - cleanses and whitens as it events out skin discolorations. A gentle, non-drying cleanser enriched with Glabridin from licorice for brighter, fairer skin. It has high levels of whitening ingredients for faster results. Safe for continued use for longer-lasting whiter skin.
  • Godiva LicoWhite Whitening Lotion - helps even out skin discolorations caused by age, scarring and pregnancy. It provides sun protection as it moisturizes to keep skin soft and smooth.
  • Godiva LicoWhite Whitening Anti-Perspirant Deodorant -
    contains Glabridin from licorice. It has high levels of whitening ingredients to lighten dark underarms faster. Safe for continued use for longer-lasting whiter skin.
  • Godiva LicoWhite Whitenign Facial Wash - has Glabridin from licorice that helps brighten skin as it cleanses. Its low-foaming, soap-free formula moisturizes while it gently and thoroughly cleanses the skin, leaving it with a softer, smoother glow. Effective for all skin types,
  • Godiva LicoWhite Whitening Facial Toner- is the whiter way to even out your skin tone. It moisturizes as it cleanses and is ideal for normal to dry skin.
Product samples are available at Sample Room. Godiva Products are available at Watsons stores nationwide.
Like Godiva Skin on Facebook for more product details.International readers may order here

For Pore Refining

NeoStrata Professional

NeoStrata Pore Refining Cleanser
Php2,022.00 (approx $46.00)

NeoStrata Exfoliating Lotion
Php2,040.00 (approx $46.36)

NeoStrata Pore Clearing Solution
Php2,040.00 (approx $46.36) 

**NeoStrata products are available at selected dermatology clinics.  For  inquiry you may contact  telephone numbers :  2446992, 2423636 local 714. 

Now, let's proceed to hair care, Sebamed, the brand, has been around for quite some time.  I often read good reviews on Sebamed products online and I've seen them around other neighboring countries.  I'm so happy they are finally here!

Sebamed Hair Repair Shampoo and Conditioner

  • Sebamed Repair Shampoo (Php555.00/$12.60) - was specially developed for a damaged hair structure. This structural damage results from hair treatments such as permed hair, colouring, styling, hot blow drying and sun. With its highly effective repair complex, Sebamed Repair Shampoo cleans, cares for and protects your hair and scalp. The pH value of 5.5 stabilizes the hair structure. Contains Bioplymers that build micro fine protective film on the hair and protect it against damaging pollutants and natural wheat protein and moisturizers that regulate the hydro-balance of hair and scalp
  • Sebamed Repair Conditioner  (Php475.00/$10.80) - Fortified with a nourishing, conditioning complex of Vitamin B5, avocado oil and plant extracts, Sebamed Repair Conditioner penetrates deep into half shaft to naturally strengthen your hair. Natural moisturizers and silk protein enhance lustre and volume for soft, healthy looking hair. 
**Sebamed Shampoo and Conditioner also comes in Everyday Shampoo and Anti-Dandruff variant.  Available in all PCX branches, Watsons in Selected SM Department Stores, Landmark Makati and Trinoma.

More body care products ---

 Beauty and Bright 
Skin Lightening Body Soap and Anti-Aging Serum Bar


Droplets of Nature Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitizer

Sebamed Femiine Intimate Wash 
Php650.00 (approx $14.70)
Soap-free feminine intimate wash for gentle external cleansing of the vulva with a physiological pH of 3.8.  Especially formualted with a mild naturally based wash active complex and adjusted with skin-related lactic acid to the pH value 3.8 for the micro flora balance of the genital acid mantle.  This is perfect during your menstrual cycle.

Probiotic + Fiber ConstipAid
Got this sample via Sample Room and I'm recently trying this out as I tend to forget to hydrate myself thus going through irregular bowel movement.  I know this is an "off" topic but to be beautiful, we have to take care not only what's on the outside but also on the inside! 

These are just some of the new products available for you to try!  Some of the products may be what you're looking for, while some of you  may have tested them already!  If so, feel free to click comment and share to me and the readers your experience using them.  Once I get to try some of them, I'll definitely share my experience here on my blog! :)

Any new products/brands I should watch out for?

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Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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