Sunday, November 24, 2013

Why I Like "Em Edible!

I grew up in a family of 6 in a usual 80's family setting.  The dad works while my mom is a SAHM (Stay at home mom).  With 4 of us studying in an private school, there's no budget for "extras" in the house.  In Mom and Dad's Anniversary, Dad's Birthday, Mom's Birthday,  Mother's Day, Father's Day and whatever occasion that screams for gift giving, the 4 of us would always pitch in for either ice cream or a cake!  You will never see a bouquet of flowers or just a single flower as a sign of my mom would always say...

"Hindi mo naman makakain ang bulaklak!" (You can't eat flowers.)

So I grew up with the notion of giving fruits for my relatives every Christmas season.  But in my heart, I like the gorgeous arrangement of flowers, the unique color combination that gives the recipient a certain "high".  I had that feeling when a suitor hand me one (Promise, I have suitors aside from Keith lol) :P

And guess what, the bright minds came up with an idea of "edible arrangements".

Just in time for this Christmas Season and other important celebrations, Fruits in Bloom created Edible "Fruits" arrangement.  This one I got is perfect for Christmas! 

Aside from tasting various fruits, you also get to keep the cute mug that serves as a vase!

For someone who's not really a fan of fruits! (I like them better in a form of fruit shake), I find myself like a kid picking up fruits and bite them with glee!  For this particular arrangement, you get slices of green apples covered with white chocolate, 2 huge strawberries, sliced oranges, kiwi and grapes!  Aside from that, you also get 2 "Christmas Tree"-like chocolates!

 Fruits in Bloom delivers straight to your recipients' home so you don't have to worry about transporting these arrangements to your loved ones!  Visit their website for more choices of fruit arrangements.

The arrangement above costs Php1,000.  A bit pricey at first glance but costs almost the same as bouquet of flowers!  I know there are some who still prefers to receive flowers than fruits, but for fruit lovers like my parents, I'm sure they'll appreciate this more than anything else!  I can't wait to surprise them this Christmas! (P.S. Don't worry, my parents do not know my blog! :P)

Thanks Leah Dy for this!  Fruits in Bloom definitely made my day, I was working on a deadline, with lack of sleep and constant pumping for my little one's milk, I was extremely tired and frustrated when I received this arrangement, this really brightened up my day!

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  1. I only like fruits when they're blended in a shake too...hahaha! Maybe it's because most fruits are too sour for someone with a big sweet tooth like me.

    1. I know what you mean, but the good thing about this is that they have some of the fruit slices covered with chocolate, so bagay sa sweet tooth mo :D

  2. I gave edible arrangements to my grandma last month for her birthday and it was a hit....for my siblings! They keep on picking the grapes and pineapples. I have pics but I'm having trouble retrieving them in my memory card for some reason.

    1. awww that is so sweet of yoU! i picked the grapes too!

  3. ayyy, this is sooo cute! very creative!

  4. Yesterday I gave this to my grandmother. mejo pricey kasi plus 350 for the delivery fee pa pero she really appreciates it tsaka the presentation is sooooo pretty. May box na tapos may mug pa. hehehe. :)


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