Sunday, January 26, 2014

Eureka Moment: You Pick, Nippon Pack!

Hi AMW Friends!
I am so excited to share a Eureka Moment post for makeup enthusiasts out there!  Mind you, not just makeup artists but ALL makeup users out there!

Aside from investing on a good makeup tools, I can't stress enough on using quality sponges, cotton buds, cleansing wipes etc...!

That's why when I learned about Nippon Esthetics and their wide range of tools to help create gorgeous faces, I never looked back!  I always make sure to stock on their products for both personal and professional use! 

And when I received this set during the Christmas season last year!  I had this Eureka Moment in my head to share to you guys that they are already available in retail packs! 

My favorite Nippon Checklist which I tape on my mirror as I use this as my checklist for every makeup gigs!

So, you're not a makeup artist, you want them but you worry about the price or how to order them.  Okay, here's the real Eureka Moment!   Nippon Esthetic Solutions recently launched a “You Pick, We Pack!” Valentine promo, where one gets to add their Nippon Gift Box a more personal touch. Promo will run until March 2014.

“You Pick, We Pack!” details ---

Customize your own Nippon gift box by picking any of the following items - Disposable Dual Cotton Tips, The 5-Minute Touch-up Kit, Mini Wedge Sponges x5, and Makeup Remover Lotion 60ml
They will pack them for free! For orders over P250, you get a FREE GIFT-- 2 packs of Parian Spirit Brush Cleaner PLUS free shipping within Metro Manila!

Nippon is available at Studio SnR, Unit 301 Millenium Place, Meralco Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. 
Phone: 584 5988
Instagram and Twitter: @nipponph

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