Monday, February 17, 2014

Initial Thoughts: The Cream Factory Bath Creams

Happy Monday AMW Friends!
I had a lovely weekend seeing my good friend got married!  Ah, weddings make me happy and I'm glad to witness such happy event!

Today and the rest of February will be very busy for me so my "me" time for now, aside from the time when baby AMW falls asleep will be bath time!  Seriously, I even had to rush myself at times just because I know there are so many things left to do before the day ends!  So when I got The Cream Factory Bath Creams from my Sampleroom family, it was a perfect excuse for me to stay longer inside the shower!  Come on, lathering up goat's milk bath cream is something you wouldn't want to rush doing!

L-R Goat's Milk & Honey, Goat's Milk & Seaweed 
Goat's Milk & Almond


I call this post an "Initial Thoughts" post because I only got to try Goat's Milk & Honey for now.

Goat’s Milk & Honey: The Germ Killing Soap
Back info on Goat's Milk & Honey

The Cream Factory promises consumers that their products are packed with vitamins, minerals and probiotics which helps moisturize, exfoliate, heal and promote collagen growth.  Aside from that, they are proud that the goat's milk they use are not just any goat's milk, they use real Netherlands goat's milk which is known for its purity and quality with added Spanish Almond Oil and exotic Brazilian Acai berry.

Just by reading the details, I expected this product to feel really heavy and rich on skin but it was the opposite.  The Bath Cream does have a cream-like texture but it lathers quite easily with a bit of water and a bath sponge.  I picked  Milk and Honey for it's germ killing property because I have a hyper 10-month old baby who likes to lick my arms and legs.  So far, the scent is wonderful but it doesn't linger for hours! 

As for users with super dry skin like me, you still need to apply your favorite moisturizing lotion as using The Cream Factory Bath Creams won't be enough. 

Goat’s Milk & Almond: The Detoxifying Soap

Goat’s Milk & Seaweed: The Revitalizing Soap

Where to purchase and how much: 26 fl. oz (768 ml) Big Bottles are Php699.00 each bottle
7.5 fl. oz (221 ml) Bundle packs (3 pre-packed 221 ml bottles) are Php799.00 each pack
Available at: Beauty Bar, Rustans Marketplace/Fresh, Landmark Department store,  Robinsons Department store, Snoe Outlets and SM Supermarkets/Hypermarkets.

Other Flavors:
Goat’s Milk & Jojoba: The Clarifying Soap
Goat’s Milk & Yogurt: The Soothing Soap
Goat’s Milk & Cinnamon: The Purifying Soap
Goat’s Milk & Avocado: The Radiating Soap
Goat’s Milk & Acai Berry: The Age-Defying Soap
Goat’s Milk & Witch Hazel: The Rejuvenating Soap

Sampleroom website:

Have you tried The Cream Factory Bath Creams?
Which particular variant would you start first and why?

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Stay happy!


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