Saturday, June 14, 2014

AMW Reports: The Launch of Banana Republic's WildBlue Noir and WildBloom Rouge Fragrances

I attended an event with my best half last Wednesday and we got home with fun memories, amazing scents and a portrait of us to celebrate our forever HIS and HER!

Thanks to Banana Republic Philippines for inviting me and Mr. AMW to Vask to take a peek and "sniff" at Banana Republic's newest fragrances this season ---

Wildbloom Rouge for women and Wildblue Noir for men

The restaurant/gallery was located at the 5th floor and it was indeed an enticing place to relax, unwind and chat with old and new friends.

I got the meet the stars of the night.

Wildbloom Rouge is a floral, woody fragrance that is inspired by an enticing blend of sensual flowers and blooms.  Upon sniffing, I can't put my finger on whether the fragrance has floral or citrus scent!  I guess I don't have to choose!  Lush fruit sensations of sparkling bergamot and fresh clementine form the foundation of Wildbloom Rouge.  Rich magnolia and jasmine outline the heart of the fragrance while scents of raw textures of sandalwood are heightened with amber, creating a charming finishing touch.

Mr. AMW approved this scent!

Wildblue Noir, on the other hand, is an aromatic woody fragrance.  Mr. AMW pointed out the presence of "herbs" and spices right away!  

It was a bit too strong for me at first but giving it some time, I came to fall in love with this scent and can't help but hug Mr. AMW over and over again!  Girls!  You definitely know what to give to your husbands/boyfriends!  *hint hint*

I also got to meet the known fragrances from Banana Republic ---
 W and M and Classic!

Other variants of WildBloom and another favorite of mine --- WildBlue Side
 (a very refreshing scent!  Smells like our special someone who just came out of the shower!) 

And there's also Republic Of Men Essence, another scent perfect for the men in our lives!  
*Father's Day gift! ahem!*

Hosted by the beautiful Aireen Mayol,  Marketing Communications of Rustans Philippines, the night was definitely fun with chitchat and games!

Jane Lapuz, Brand Manager of Banana Republic, Anna Sui, Alfred Dunhill & GAP
Audrey Canta, Division Manager for Fragrances

On a side note, we had a "sniffing" contest for couples and Mr. AMW and I WON!!! YAY!  I'm definitely a certified "sniffing dog"! 

The night was capped with wonderful cocktail dishes from Vask!  Hello anti-histamines!  They are worth it!

Bloggers with their best halves! We missed Martha's boyfriend and Bambi's Hubby!

Bloggers + Partners with Aireen, Audrey and Jane!
Banana Republic Fragrances are exclusively distributed by Rustans Marketing Corporation and available in leading department stores and Banana Republic boutiques nationwide.

Wildbloom Rouge is available in 50ml (Php2,500) and 100ml (Php3,200) EDP Bottles.
Wildblue Noir is available in 50ml (Php2,300) and 100ml (Php2,900) EDT bottles.

Do you own any Banana Republic fragrances?
WildBlue Noir and WildBloom Rouge are OUR FIRSTS!
And because we won the contest!  We also get to try W and M fragrances! YAY

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