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AMW Reports: Watsons Bath to Basics

For someone who juggles various jobs from being an employee, a makeup artist, a wife and a mom, a lot of my friends would ask me: "Do you even have time for yourself?"  Honestly speaking, not much!  But of course, out of the 24 hours, I try to give myself at least a couple of minutes of "me" time!  And would you believe it when I say, the only "Me" time that I can get is my shower time?  And I take 2 of them! (Excuse to have more me time!)

That's why when I got an invite to Watsons Bath to Basics event held at Neo Ki Spa, BGC, I told myself I have to be there as I get my bath essentials from where else?  Watsons!  Feel free to tell me if you do too!

For someone who frequents at Watsons, I can't believe I'm seeing a lot of new products I probably didn't take notice of!  Lots of the Watsons labeled products I used to salivate when I travel to other countries, fortunately, now, I don't have to!  We definitely have broader range (especially on bath products) available locally!
On the day of the event, Watsons Philippines launched the Bath to Basics campaign not only to educate us about the importance of maintaining and boosting their bathing habits to achieve better health and skin, but also for us to learn the different body care products available to help complete our bath regimen --- from bar soap to body wash, body scrubs to bath salts!  Yes, there are so much more to choose from to fit your body needs!

  On the side note, just something fun to share: If you put a group of bloggers together in 1 room and check out what happens!  *lol*

A nice surprise of the day was when guest speaker Ms. Olen Lim gave tips about bath regimen.  At the back of my head, what else do we need to learn about bath and body?  Lots!!! 

Organize your bathroom.  
  • Trash it, toss it, and dump it!  Learn to throw products you don't use to prevent clutter.
  • Utilize bathroom space.  Keep the products you use frequently within reach!  
  • Organize products you use daily.  Segregate products you use the most and pile them in front while the not-so-frequently-used bath products can be hidden at the back side of your bathroom counter.
I also learned some bathroom myths and fun facts, try to test your bath knowledge!
  • Never use hot water.  TRUE!  You use warm water to take a bath.
  • Some great ideas come in a shower!  TRUE!  Because bathing is the time where you let go of your worries, that's when ideas come in!
  • Don't take a bath after meal.  As much as I would love to say this is a Myth, it is indeed has a bit of science to it!  It is scientifically proven that taking a bath after meal may relaxes your body thus slowing down digestion!  So it is better to give it some time to rest your body before you take a shower.
Thanks to Ms. Lim's talk we learned all the basics about taking care of oneself, we were then ushered to Ki Neo Spa's shower area for a bath and massage experience.  The shower experience was amazing as the bathroom were filled with Watsons Bath and Body products.  It was funny how I had a hard time choosing between Strawberry or Papaya scented bath milk then ended up using Watsons Deep Moisturizing Body Scrub Cocoa Butter using a loofah which smells amazing and my skin was really soft and smooth after the shower.  I loved it so much I actually bought 2 after the event!
Now let's talk about the 1 hour body massage!  I haven't had a decent massage for the past...1 year?  Though inside my head I was thinking about Kyle and how he was doing, I went into temporary bliss and dozed into lalaland when Pam (the wonderful masseuse) gave me one of the best body massages I've tried to date.
I honestly didn't know they were still using Watsons product during the massage but as soon as I blurted out to Pam how much I dislike the greasy-feel post-massage, I touched my skin to give her an example and got amazed on how grease-free my skin feels!  I learned she used Watsons Evening Primrose Body Oil during massage.   The scent is very light so I almost didn't smell the usual "spa-oil" scent but the amazing thing about this oil is how it easily gets absorbed into my skin leaving no oily-feel no matter how of the product was applied!

 Just when I thought the massage itself was the best treat of the day!  Well, we were in for a surprise when each blogger were given a Php1,000 Watsons gift certificate challenge.  For 15 minutes, we need to shop for Watsons Label Bath Products and whoever buys the most Watsons Label products win a Free Ki Neo Spa GC.  I did not win the challenge but you know what?  Here's what I got to take home after the shopping challenge. 
Watsons Detoxifying Cream Body Wash
Watsons Brightening Cream Body Wash
Watsons Baby Bath
Watsons Baby Milk Bath
Watsons Body Scrub Cocoa Butter with free Bonheur Ocean Hand Cream
Bath Back Brush
Nylon Body Glove
Loufah Pad
Bath Towel
TOTAL COST: Php990.00

 Free 750ml Limited Edition Hand Soap as I purchased participating bath products worth Php500.00. But!  Since I'm an SM Advantage Card Member, you can get this free for only Php400.00!  This promo is still valid until today in the SM Store Beauty Section!

 Aside from that, I also got a free bag!  My 3rd bag as I've been a loyal Watsons shopper!  Pick between red and gray!  They're both lovely!

Best of all?  Because of the buy-one-take-one offer on the Baby Bath and Body Wash, I get Php548.00 savings!  Now, doesn't that make me the winner already? 

I want to thank Watsons Philippine for inviting me to such a fun and eye-opening event! Though it broke my heart to leave Baby AMW for the afternoon, I came back home rejuvenated and I got the energy to play with him all night!  So true when they say, if you want to give the best for your kids, you have to take care of yourself first!

Watson’s Philippines’ last leg of the bath to Basics campaign will be held in SM Manila from August 14 to 19.  This is the last chance for people to enjoy amazing deals and freebies from participating brands such as Dove, A Bonne’, Novea, Gluta-C, Moringa-O2, Asian Secrets, Erase and Jao Ming, Yoko, Cosmo Skin, Cetaphil and GlutaMax;  and indulge in free hand massage service, courtesy of Nail Milan.

That is what I appreciate about the Bath to Basics Campaign.  This campaign aims to boost our bathroom habits to achieve better health and skin without much effort.  Seriously, who can go to a spa everyday right?  With the right products from body scrubs, bath salts, body washes, you know you can always recreate the “Spa-like” feel after every bath. 

Share to me your favorite bath and body products that you can avail from Watson!

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