Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Cover Girl + Olay Concealer Balm (Medium) Review

Covergirl, ah, the brand that brought me back to so much memories!  Some would say Maybelilne or L'Oreal, but for me, it was Covergirl that started it all!  (Thanks to the friendly SA years ago at SM Sta. Mesa branch)

Now I have to admit, I haven't tried any of their concealers and I never even thought they have one!  Not until when I ran out of my favorite "stick concealer" from Revlon, I was on the lookout for a similar "lipstick" type of concealer and found this!

Covergirl + Olay Concealer Balm

My sister is the ultimate champion when it come to hitting the pan on concealers!  She can finish a concealer in a month or so!  So aside from getting myself one, I also gave her one in lighter shade!  The shade I got is Medium, is a tad bit dark on me (at least 2 shades).  The reason for this is because it has a bit of an "orange base" so I plan to use this to correct my undereye darkness especially on days when Toddler AMW (ayan, Toddler na, hindi baby!)  decided to have his own "slumber party" and sleep late!

After months of usage, I'm ready to spill the bean on this "not so famous" concealer!  Shall we put this up on the pedestal?  Is it worth your money?

Cover Girl says ---

AMW says ---
  •  Easy to apply because of it's lipstick-style packaging.
  • Applies like a dream!  Feels like butter making it so easy to blend.
  • Can be layered on for light to medium coverage.
  • Since the product contains moisturizer (Olay), it does not settle in fine lines.
  • Comes in 6 shades but locally you only have 4 shades to choose from which is good enough (Fair/Light, Light, Light/Medium, Medium)
  • Fragrance-free.
  • Price.

  • Since the product is highly moisturizing, may slide off midday if not set properly.
  • A bit tricky to pick the right shade for you if you didn't get to test these on counter.
  • Coverage may not be enough if you need "big time" concealing. 
The Cover Girl + Olay Concealer Balm is not like any other stick concealer.  The product isn't dry and has a "balm" texture making it easy to blend and apply.  It has light to medium coverage making this perfect to cover dark circles.


  • For heavier coverage, look for professional HD concealer like Graftobian, Kryolan and Ben Nye.
  • Best applied directly from the tube.  BUT, if you plan to use this on another face, use a brush please!
  • Always keep in mind to "set" the concealer with your favorite loose powder, setting powder or powder foundation.
  • If you plan to purchase one for the use of concealing undereye darkness, please go for a shade almost close to your skin or a tad bit darker with orange base to "correct" the dark tint.
  • Never purchase concealer lighter than your skin as it will highlight your flaws even more.
  • Because this concealer balm is hydrating enough, you can use this to "cover" your lips when you plan to use light colored lipsticks.
Will I repurchase?

To whom do I recommend this to?
Users who dislike the 'dry' texture of most concealers!  If you want cream concealer on stick, go for this!

Where to purchase and how much?
At local Cover Girl Counters priced at Php475.00 (approx $10.00)


Shade Medium on Tube

Swatch of Medium.  As you can see, the shade is darker than my skintone BUT, it has an obvious "orange" tint making it as a perfect corrector for my undereye darkness.

Application Technique
I prefer applying the concealer balm directly on my undereye area.  Using my clean finger, I blend out just the "edges".  Since the concealer is extra creamy, be careful not to leave finger print mark, instead you may use a sponge to blend out edges.

Before and After
 No camera tricks, used Photoshop just to crop photo.  I used only the concealer, did not set with powder to show the result.

Left and Right eye. 
Left facing you, with Cover Girl Concealer Balm
Right facing you, without
You can definitely see a huge difference!  

How do you like the effect of Cover Girl + Olay Concealer Balm on my undereye darkness?
Do you think this product is for you?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Awesome coverage! Staying power under the sun -- how would it fare? :)

    1. If you are oily, you may need to set it up properly as this concealer is hydrating :D

  2. No problem, my pleasure! I didn't even know such product exist until recently!


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