Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Koji Brow Specialist in Soft Brown Review

Last year, when my brother told me he will be staying in Hong Kong for a couple of days before coming back home and asked me what I need, my mind turned blank because stores after stores of Sasa and Bonjour flashed inside my head!  How I missed store hopping!  

So I told him, any "brow mascara" that is light brown!  During those times, there aren't much light colored brow products except "Girl Boy" from MAC!  So I asked him just to pick from any brand as long as the shade is light!  

Thanks to WhatsApp, he showed me pictures after pictures of brow mascaras and I gave him a big YES when I saw this!

 Aren't I lucky to have a such a good brother who don't mind getting in Sasa stores and ask for brow mascaras from SAs?

What caught my attention aside from the fact that the shade is PURRFECT (Soft Brown) is the size of the wand!  3mm!  The smallest brow mascara wand I own to date! 
And the brand?  KOJI --- Koji is a well known brand who also owns the famous Dolly Wink (and some more!) 

Koji says ---

Product description printed in Japanese with Mandarin translation as this product was bought in Hong Kong.

AMW says ---
  • Applicator.  I like how thin and precise the brow wand is making it easy to work through all my brow hairs.
  • Pigmentation is really good, changes the color of my brows in just 1 swipe.
  • Stays the whole day, until makeup removal.
  • Comes in different shades, my brother did mention another shade called Ash Brown.
  • The shade Soft Brown is indeed "soft" and natural to look at.
  • Does not make my brows stiff and unnatural.
  • Texture is really good and easy to apply.
  • Almost waterproof.
  • Price.

  • Not widely available in the local market.  I'm not even sure if this product is sold here.  Help anyone?
Wonderfully packaged, good pigmentation soft brown brow mascara that looks very natural even applied on very dark brows.  Lasts the whole day or until makeup removal.


  • If you have super dark brows like I do, don't forget to fill in "gaps" with brow powders for a more natural effect.
  • If you are more comfortable with eyebrow pencil, use brow mascaras with eyebrow pencil to "adjust" the color if needed.
  • Read my previous post on "This is How I do It: Lightening My Brows AMW Style" for more detailed tips.
  • If you have super oily skin, set the brows by dusting translucent oil-control setting powder.
Will I repurchase?
YES!  I'll buy all shades if I can!  Based from research, these come in 3 shades!

To whom do I recommend this to?
Brow mascara users!  Users with light colored hair.

Where to purchase and how much?
Checked and it costs HKD68.00.  Cheaper than when my brother got this for me!  It is less than Php500.00 when converted.


The size of the brow mascara looks small but I'm quite happy with the content as a little goes a long way! 

3mm mascara wand making it very easy to use.

I can easily reach "hard to reach" tiny hairs especially on the end of the brows.

For visual purpose, I did not follow up with a brow powder or brow pencil for you to see the result.  Here is the simplest way to apply Koji Brow Specialist.
  • Start applying the mascara going against the direction of the growth of your brow hairs.
  • Gently brush each brow hairs in place as seen on second photo below.
  • Stand back and see if you need to adjust the shade. I personally love to follow up using my Benefit Brow Zings.

Before and After Photo

I personally like to lighten up my brows with the help of brow mascaras because that is the Best way to do so!  The effect is really natural and I love how it matches my current hair color (Matrix Light Ash Brown).  

Do you lighten up your brows on a daily basis?
Have you seen KOJI Brow Specialist in local stores near you?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Thanks for this, Nikki! This is my recent dilemma, how to make lighter brows. Havent checked Sasa in Shanghai kung may same shade. I like too!

    1. Yay, goodluck! try mo! it is very easily and I'm really addicted to lightening my brows coz of my colored hair!


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