Saturday, January 3, 2015

L'Eau En Rose - New from Givenchy!

I don't know about you, but I love giving the gift of "fragrance". 

I can still remember the time I received my first ever "fragrance" gift, that was during my highschool years and all thanks to my best friend!  

The holidays maybe over but for me, gifting someone a scent would mean so many things --- 
  • They mean the world to you.
  • You want them to know how much you appreciate them, as a gift of fragrance is quite personal.
 And AskMeWhats will never get tired sharing to you what's new in the "fragrance world".  

Givenchy L'Eau En Rose
Just by the name, I have this feeling that a user who loves floral scent will definitely enjoy this!

L'eau en Rose is a floral musky composition with a warm heart and a touch of blackberry and soft musks.  The fragrance is like a delicious rose sorbet --- modern, pure and tender.

Judging my the look of the packaging and the description of the scent, I will definitely share this scent to my mom for her upcoming anniversary!  My mom is very timid, simple but has the strongest character I know!  She captures a woman with endless charm!  Once you let her enter into your life, you know you'll have a true person for keeps!

Givency Very Irresisitible L'eau en Rose is available in 30ml (php2,900.00), 50ml (Php4,100.00) and 75ml (Php4,950.00) EDT Bottles.  Available in leading department stores nationwide exclusively distributed by Rustans Marketing Corporation.

Do you own a Givenchy fragrance in the past?
Based on description, to whom will you gift this to?

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