Monday, March 30, 2015

Tony Moly Perfect Eyes Super Proof Eyeliner Review

Happy Monday!  We all need some eye-wakening experience and my biggest secret to look awake is using an eyeliner!  I always get the: "Oh, you are Chinese?  PURE?"  

Yes, I don't have small, chinky-eyes as expected but I definitely have smaller eyes than most gorgeous Filipinas out there!  What I do to make my eyes appear brighter and awake is by using eyeliner and I sometimes exaggerate the line to make them appear bigger!  

So I am definitely a heavy liner user and one that I originally love (before the gel-liners and before those eyeliner markers are made available for ease of application), I used to heavily rely on Liquid Liners and if I may brag...*ahem*, I am quite an expert in using these!  (But please don't count the many liquid-liner-eye-poking experiences in the past...that you don't have to know! :P)

Once I got the Tony Moly Perfect Eyes Super Proof Eye Liner on Hand, I knew I had to test this for my co-liquid liner experts!  *winks*  If you're not an expert in this field, well, you can always start and grab our title! :D

The Tony Moly Perfect Eyes Super Proof Eyeliner I got comes in Black color and it is housed in a mascara-looking tube.

Tony Moly Perfect Eyes Super Proof Eyeliner says ---

AMW says ---
  • Packaging.
  • Brush is really thin and easy to control.
  • Can create thin and thick line without problems.
  • Pigmentation is really good.  You get matte black shade with a "glossy" film on each swipe.
  • Stays on my lid for the whole day until removal.
  • Doesn't smear or smudge on normal and dry lids.
  • Easy to remove even with regular eye makeup removers.
  • Price.

  • Does not dry as fast as gel liners or pencils.
  • Difficult to use especially for first-time liquid liner users.
  • This has the tendency to smudge if used by super oily-lidded users or users who have droopy lids.
  • If you tend to rub your eyes a lot, the product won't last the whole day!  Some of the product may flake off.
Highly pigmented, dark, true black liquid liner that comes with a thin brush that is easy to control for professional liquid liner users and maybe a bit too tricky for users with shaky hands.  The formulation is wet but will dry-off approximately 10 seconds.  Once set, it gives a pure matte, glossy black line that lasts almost the whole day for normal and dry lids.


  • To prevent apply too much, dab the brush on the side of the tube to remove excess liner.
  • The liner will dry approximately 10 seconds max.  If you blink or move your eyes before it completely dries, the ink may migrate to your lids.
  • Feel free to create thick or thin line by using the "side" of the brush, use the tip of the brush ONLY when you plan to wing your liner! 
  • Always apply using short strokes!  
  • Not to be used if you plan to have contact with water (ex. swimming, etc..)  
  • Don't worry about making mistakes!  It's just makeup!  You can easily remove them and try it again!  Practice makes perfect!
Will I repurchase?
No, this takes more time to use as compared to my other favorites!

To whom do I recommend this to?
Liquid Liner gals!

Where to purchase and how much?
At Tony Moly stores priced at Php498.00 (approx $11.30).

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Packaging: Gold and Black

The Brush is short (around 2cm) and very thin! 
 So it is very easy to control when you plan to create a very thin line!

It is better if you remove excess liner by rubbing the brush on the sides of the tube before you use!  This will help maintain the right amount of product to be dispensed!  Applying too much may cause smudging and takes longer time to dry!

One Swipe

As stated on the tip portion above:  I use the sides of the brush to apply my eyeliner using short strokes.  Once I reach the end part, I flip the brush, use the tip to "sharpen" the edge.

You may feel free to thicken the line as desired!  After taking this short, I actually went for 2nd round!

Before and After
Note: Liquid Liners are not to be used on waterline or for tightline...NEVER!

With dry fingers, it doesn't rub off easily when you set the liner properly.

With just a gentle rub from a wet wipes, it easily removes the liner without much effort!
Same with regular eye makeup remover!

Are you still using liquid liners?
What's your favorite liquid liner brand?
Will you give Tony Moly a try?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. im not really good in applying liquid liner to be honest ms nikki i always mess it up =(

    1. sabi nga nila ms nikki practice makes perfect kaya lang maubos agad yung item hihi

  2. What type of eyeliner would you recommend for beginners? Thanks

    1. Go for pencil first or liquid that is housed in a "marker pen" type lang L'Oreal.

  3. I love how fine the tip of the liner.


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