Saturday, May 2, 2015

Happy Socks Launch

You know how I love anything Happy and cheery right?
So when Happy Socks came into our local market, I knew these colorful and vibrant socks screams ME!

And thankfully, the company shares the same values as I do --- just like these cheerful, colorful additions to our wardrobe, the company wants to make a world of difference one Happy Socks at a time!

How to be happy the Happy Socks way?

  • Lend a hand!  - so true, the happiness you feel is priceless!
  • Get Moving - ah, working out, moving your body, playing with your kids can release the endorphins!   And do you know that Endorphins triggers the positive feeling in the body?  It's a LEGAL drug!
  • Write it down - as much as we are exposed with the world of electronics, I still jot down all the little things I've done (mini achievements) and when I look back, I can't help but smile and be thankful!
  • Stay connected - would you believe I call my mom and talk to her every single day?  I also message my friends and take advantage of the social apps!  We really need a human being to keep us sane!
  • Just add coffee - 'NUFF SAID!  Coffee is my pick-me-upper!  Not a fan of coffee? Go for drinks that makes you happy!  Tea?  Fruit Juices or just iced cold water on a hot day?
  • Turn it up - yeah baby!  I have a playlist when I drive, a playlist when I work and even a shower playlist (BackStreet Boys baby!) 
  • Set goals - true!  My goal when I started blogging is to share my love for all things beautiful!  Thankfully, I get invited to schools and companies to share my thoughts and my love for all things beautiful!
  • Treat yourself - okay, I just shopped online!  I deserve it! 
  • Grin and Bear it - yes, the happy girl you see in me isn't always happy!  My body is aching, my throat is itchy and I have tasks piling up like there's no tomorrow! And yet, Here I am talking about happiness!  That's life!  We can't finish anything if we keep on complaining, we just have to deal with it!
  • Live in the Moment -  yes, I give up some really important jobs and travel opportunities because you know what?  I just want to live this moment of being a first time mom, I want to enjoy my son's every milestones! 

And just so you know, when I got in the event place, the place was packed with happy people!  you know what?  Everyone's wearing Happy Socks! Not one among us have to complain about heels, uncomfortable shoes, we just stripped off our shoes and enjoy the company of friends!

Now, let's talk about Happy Socks' humble beginnings.  Happy Socks was founded by friends Viktor Tell and Mikael Soderlindh in Sweden in year 2008.  The first store of the brand was opened in 2010 in Stockholm, Sweden and the rest was history!  Happy Socks is even included as one of the best and happiest company to work with (I can't seem to find the article but I read it somewhere last year!)

Today, Happy Socks is available in over 6,000 fashion apparel boutiques in more than 70 different countries in all continents!  And as we all know, some famous names have been spotted sporting Happy Socks --- Sarah Jessica Parker, Zac Efron, Paris Hilton, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Gwen Stefani, Jessica Alba and Nikki Tiu!  <--- :p="" are="" i="" joking="" just="" m="" making="" p="" reading="" still="" sure="" you="">

Happy Socks creates two collections every year.  The Fall/Winter and the Spring/Summer collection.  And what I love about Happy Socks is their additional merchandize --- underwear, athletic socks and kiddie socks!

Managing Partners Diana Ong, Katherine Sy and Nats Ong (not on photo)
with the support of Boys Night Out Sam YG
And to share the happiness, Happy Socks is best used as gifts to our loved ones!  These socks definitely can give inspiration and bring out the inner creativity in everyone! 

For easy online shopping experience, log on to and bring Happy Socks experience to everyone you love!

Congratulations team Happy Socks Philippines for the successful launch!

For more information, you may visit Happy Socks FB page, follow them on Twitter and Instagram (@HappySocksPH).  Join everyone in sharing happiness through #HappySocksPH

Do you like the look of Happy Socks?
To whom will you share a pair to?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Lol! Y not?! U r famous Ms. Nikki..haha.. cutie socks indeed. Perfect for cheerful people like us.. Let us spread the good vibes! Keep smilin' ..keep shinin'... ;) #HappySocksPH ♥♥♥

  2. colorful socks makes me smile! it reminds me of my younger age hihi


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