Monday, May 11, 2015

Kyle Nash's Online Baby Book all thanks to FirstBook App!

When I got pregnant, I received a couple of "Baby Firsts" books to fill in the pages to complete each milestones of Kyle.  I have to admit, with my extremely busy schedule, I think I only finished the first 4 months and I must admit, I strayed!  With a toddler around, you just can't seem to finish anything!  So I told myself I will just update my son's milestones online with hashtag #KyleNash.  True enough, I can definitely see each of my son's milestones from the day he was born until today.  But I still wish I have at least ONE booklet to summarize his first 12 months without the hassle of scrolling thousands of photos stored in my phone. (yes, thousands na talaga!)

Since I was invited to be Pampers Digital Ambassador, the perks of being one is that, I get to know what they offer first!  I was told Pampers created an app FirstBook!  FirstBook is an online FaceBook app that allows digital-aged mommies like you and me to preserve our baby's first 12 months of development!  And the fun part? I can actually share this to my relatives abroad who haven't met my son in person yet!

And of course, I don't want to be late!  While I can still remember each important milestones of my son, I filled the FirstBook app immediately with photos and comments.  Such a fun app! I really enjoyed the outcome and I can't wait to save this as a PDF file and send it to PictureBooks and have my FirstBook printed so I can show this to my mom and dad who are still into traditional "printed photos"!

Here are just some of the snapshots of the FirstBook pages I've created for Kyle Nash!

Hay, I just can't seem to make up my mind!  I have so many photos I want to include and so many details to add so I can't seem to finish it for now!  Will definitely share to you guys on my FB page once it's complete! 

As for now, please try the app on your own and share to me your FirstBook!  Visit and start uploading those adorable photos of your angels! #FirstWithPampers

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