Thursday, July 30, 2015

Eureka Moment: Gifted.PH

I am a fan of gift-giving!  I love giving gifts to my loved ones even on NO Occasion!  The only downside is, I don't see my friends or other family members often!  Especially now, with my extremely busy schedule, I can't even deliver gifts to my friends who have birthdays, anniversaries or just to let them know "I'm still here and I care!".

Material things, as I said over and over again, aren't important.  But don't you love it when on a bad day, you receive even the simplest gift?  It shows how much important you are from the sender and how much they think of you.

I have been a fan of online shopping for a LONG TIME!  When you look back in my first few blog entries, you can see how many times and "how brave" I was in online shopping!  

I literally thanked the heavens when Deal sites were born!  I got to gift my friends and family members restaurant certificates for them to enjoy or just to tell them how much I appreciate them.  I don't know about you, but I find deal sites aren't as appealing as before!  The deals they offer are redundant and not so interesting as before.

Recently, I was emailed by a past contact on the project she's working on!  She sent me the site to have a link and I actually tried browsing through the site and will actually try their service because I'm quite impressed by it!

Can I scream: EUREKA MOMENT?
A simple, easy, practical and personal way of giving gifts, the best part?  It is VERY Convenient for both the sender and receiver!

This is an online gift certificate retail website where you and I can send/receive gift certificates online anytime, anywhere at our convenience!   So it is fun and practicial to send gifts depending on your recipient's interest, if unsure, there's always the gift of Money!  YAY! online shopping review

To start off, you need to register and input your details before you can send gifts!


Quick 3-step on how to send a gift!
Can I just add that I am so happy they have Paypal/Credit Card payment method because I just don't have the time to go to a bank and line up for deposit! 

I highly depend on online payment (though there may always be rare cases of unsafety), whenever I try to shop online and see no option for online payment, I immediate hit the "x" button.
 On to the best part, to pick whether you will gift your recipient with Gift Certificates from a brand or Gift Certificate for Money.  As I read through the site, if you would like to send gift of money (especially for my mom who loves to use cash for her grocery shopping), the recipient may click "redeem gift" and input their bank account details and the cash amount you sent will be deposited to their bank account within 5 banking days!

 And of course, you may also choose within the Gift Suggestions section!  
I find myself browsing through For Kids, For Him, For Your Dad and For Your Mom section.
Because you know who I want to send my gifts to!  And trust me, not for myself!  I've had enough blessings (thank you Lord) and I want to share to my loved ones.

Just to show you how it works, click on the "brand or company" you plan to purchase GCs from, click the drop down button and choose the amount you wanted to appear on the gift certificate.  

Once you picked the amount, click "send As Gift" and you will be prompted to create a greeting card.  This is my favorite part!  As much as we are all in an "electronically advanced world", sending and receiving personalized greeting card still give me the "fluttery stomach"! 

Since I can't decide what to give to Mr. AMW as he is quite picky, I sent him Gift of Money for him to enjoy!  I created also my personalized greeting card to him and I can't wait to see how he will use my gift! --- > probably toys or learning materials for Kyle Nash! :D

I wished we had Gifted.PH years ago when I was working overseas!  I felt so helpless working abroad not being able to send gifts to the people who matters to me!  Now, lucky you!  You can do it even if you're miles and miles apart!

By the way, Keep in mind that there is a "service fee" included in the total amount you have to pay (around Php150.00) because I learned that is not a discount or coupon site so the team who tediously work behind the site may need the funds to create better venue for us to gift with ease!

The only thing I wish for now is for them to update more of their retail partners because I want to see more of the brands I love!

Please purchase at at your own discretion.  I have tried this site and loved this so I'm sharing my "Eureka Moment" to you!

Any other online gift-giving site or other ways to gift people without going through the hassle of traffic?
I'd love to hear your suggestions! 

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. i already registered on that awesome site =)

    1. Hope you get to use this someday! I like it that you have option to pick on how much you would like to send, perfect even for those on a budget!

    2. Thank you for visiting the website. Happy gifting!

  2. Thank you Nikki for the wonderful post!


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