Friday, November 13, 2015

AMW Reviews: Mary Kay Liquid Eyeliner Pen

The hunt for the easiest liquid liner to use for first-timers continues...
And I think I found a possibility in the name of Mary Kay Liquid Eyeliner Pen.

I have tested this product out for months so I have a feeling I'm almost "hitting the pan" so I guess I am 100% ready to share my thoughts on this.

Mary Kay says ---
This innovative eyeliner combines the ease of a pencil with the definition of a liquid for precise, no-mess results.
  • Easy to line, creating looks from delicate to dramatic.
  • One-step, smudge-proof, no-mess application.
  • Glides on without skipping, pulling or tugging.
  • Creates fuller-looking lashes.
  • Long-wearing, flake-proof water-resistant formula.


AMW says ---
  • Pen-type.  Extremely easy to use.
  • The felt tip makes it 100% eyeliner dummy-proof!  You can literally hold it like you are holding a pen.
  • You can create various types of lines ranging from thickness.  You can easily create cat-eye too!
  • Won't smudge or smear mid-day but can fade a bit.
  • Can be easily removed by regular eye makeup remover or makeup wipes.
  • Matte black.  No shimmers.
  • Quick dry.  This dries up almost in no time!
  • Not widely available in stores near you.
  • You can't seem to know when the product is running out. 
  • The tip of the liner is not extremely fine so it is a bit difficult to reach some of the areas around the lashline. 
  • Only the shade black is available.  I don't mind personally as I've always been a black liquid liner user.

This product is almost an "Unsung Hero".  The Mary Kay Liquid Eyeliner Pen may not be causing waves over the Beauty World but I am proud to announce, this product works!  The liner appears matte black, a bit of the softer side as I can use it on a daily basis without looking extremely "strong" as compared to other gel or liquid liners.  The felt tip/pen tip makes it extremely easy to use.  One important trick I learn from this product?  This is the BEST product to cover "lash glue" when you are wearing falsies!  

  • Store liner flat on the table to prevent the eyeliner getting to the bottom (if stored upside down) thus you get a "dried up" tip.
  • It is best to tightline with waterproof eyeliner pencil.
  • Use an eyeshadow primer if you have extremely oily lids.
  • Apply using the flat side of the felt tip if you want to create "thicker line".
  • Use the tip in application to reach corners or to create a "winged liner".
Will I repurchase?

To whom do I recommend this to?
First-time or old-time liquid liner users who want to apply liner in the quickest possible way!

Where to purchase and how much?
Mary Kay True Dimension lipsticks are available through any Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants by calling them at (632) 859-6211 for Php700.00 (approx $15.55) each.

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Closer look on the pen-type applicator.

The effect is matte black yet not extremely dark.  
It is more of a soft-black shade that works for day time use.


As for application, if I wanted to create thin line, I would use the "tip" in application connecting short lines.

AMW Wore Mary Kay Liquid Eyeliner Pen
If pays to tightline to keep the look "complete".

A thin line using only the tip of the pen.
This trick is perfect for everyday.

Once set, I tried rubbing my fingers extremely hard on the lines I've created!  First few rub didn't do a thing but after rubbing extremely hard (which I doubt you would do that to your eyes), the liner fades into a gray shade instead of smudging.

I prefer having "Faded" eyeliner than smudged liner anytime of the day!  How about you?

Sounds hardcore right?  But this is the best part, using a regular Makeup Remover wipes, I can easily remove the eyeliner with gentle strokes!


Overall, I am impressed!
How about you?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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