Friday, December 18, 2015

Benefit Real Cheeky Party Kit is a Must this Holiday Season

I have been giving advice mostly to newbies when it comes to makeup. 
How about those who have enough makeup and yet, still want to buy something for themselves (make up related) this Christmas?

Just when you thought they or YOU have it all!  Well, no you don't!  You got to pick Benefit's Real Cheeky Party KIT!  A gift blush-lovers can't say no to!

Benefit Real Cheeky Party 
Blushing Beauty Kit
Php2,400 (approx $55.00)

A photo of Benefit Real Cheeky Party Kit

Last year, I got myself a Cheeky Sweet Spot and ended up giving it away to my friend who highly requested for this!  *huhuhu*  Don't get me wrong, I am happy I gifted this to a friend but I want to hit myself for not picking a 2nd one because it was immediately out-of-stock!

So this year, I am not making the same mistake as last year and ordered 3 kits!  1 for my professional KIT, 1 for myself and another one as a gift (I'll keep it a secret but I'm sure she'll be extremely happy!)

Same as last year, the kit is housed in a "can" and it looks exactly the same as the box packaging. 

A photo of Benefit Real Cheeky Party Kit

Last year, you get 6 blush powders, a Watt's Up and a small brush.  This year, they removed Bella Bamba and include They're Real Push-Up Liner and They're Real Mascara instead and retained Watt's Up.

What's included on Benefit Real Cheeky Party Kit

Now, I personally own almost all Box O' Powders and still haven't hit the bottom even on my most-abused Hervana (Oh yeah, I wonder why they did not include Hervana in this KIT?)
What's inside the Benefit Real Cheeky Party Kit

Aside from the bulky box, I appreciate the fact that makeup artists can carry all 5 shades of Benefit's most-sought after blush shades (in 1 booklet packaging approximate 1 inch thick) to be used on clients!  Watt's Up! by the way is the perfect "cream highlighter" for brides because it looks extremely natural even with flash photography!  

A photo of all the blushes included in Benefit Real Cheeky Party Kit

Because I call myself an expert when it comes to these blush shades!  I will share to you how I would use these shades.
  • dandelion face powder (ballerina pink | sheer finish) - perfect for day time almost no-makeup look.
  • hoola bronzer (natural bronze | matte finish) - perfect blush shade for light to medium skintone.  For darker complexion, this can be used as an overall "face slimming powder".
  • CORALista face powder (warm coral-pink | shimmer finish) - a perfect shade for medium to darker complexion users. 
  • rockateur blush (rose-gold | shimmer finish) - looks scary on pan especially if you have fair skin but this shade is perfect for those with warm skin tone. 
  • sugarbomb face powder (peach, soft plum, pink and rose | shimmer finish) - This shade won't show up much on a darker complexion but will appear really soft and natural on users with lighter complexion.
  • watt's up! highlighter (champagne | cream-to-powder finish) - best to be applied directly on to the cheekbones and bridge of the nose.
Will you pick this palette this Christmas?
Which Benefit Box O' Powder shade is your favorite?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. oh dear.. so pretty palette! i love their mascara ms nikki for the win!

    1. Glad you enjoy their mascara! ako I love their blushes talaga as in!

  2. I like the sugar bomb face powder because I have fair complexion and I think it suit me and Watt's up highlighter because I want to enhance my cheekbones and bridge of my nose hopefully makabili run ako ng or may magregalo skin na katulad nyo Lol !!!

    1. Ahh Sugar Bomb! you're right, if your complexio is fair, that's the best for you! :D hahaha malay mo? sana may generous kang friend tulad...ko..(AHEM!) :P

  3. I am drooling right know I've wish seen this before I've spent all my budget for Christmas :(

    1. Sayang! pero every year, they have something in store so get ready :D


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