Saturday, December 5, 2015

Include Mentholatum Products on your Holiday Shopping List!

Because having Lips On Fleek is possible if you have well-hydrated lips!  
I can assure you that Mentholatum has the right type of product for each member of the family!  I can attest to that because I was able to transform my family into a lip balm user since the arrival of yummy, non-sticky brands like Mentholatum.

If you follow me on SnapChat, I can actually get away putting my bare face on camera!  But I'm sharing you one tiny secret, I always have lip balm on!  You know why?  Because my face immediately "lit up" with a well moisturized lips!  You don't believe me?  Give it a try!  Take a photo of yourself without lip balm and with lip balm on (both barefaced!)  You'll see a difference! 

And thankfully, one of my favorite "lip balm" brand came up with more products to choose from!  And I believe they are worth including in your Christmas Shopping List!

Lip Pure Fragrance Free and Orange 
Pure & Natural Ingredients

My favorite "lip base" because it goes beyond lip balm that seems to be made just for women!  I have my husband bring one inside his bag and I actually saw him reapplying midday!  The balm slide on smoothly because of the bees wax, royal jelly and manuka honey and I love my lips feel smooth all day long!

Aside from that, I always recommend this to my friends who are pregnant or are lactating because this product is Natural, made from 100% food grade ingredients thus making it safe for both you and your baby.

Product description

 And for young girls who like to wear lipstick but are too early to start, the safest bet would be the Lip Ice Tinted LipBalm.  My favorite is Rose Red when I need to apply lip color for my "flower girls" and their moms can never complain!  Instead, they always end up asking me the brand because aside from kids loving the taste, moms like the very subtle shade!

Product Description

Now if you are the type who likes a bit of "surprise" when it comes to lip color!  The coolest from the bunch is called Lip Ice Sheer Color, these are color changeable lip product that changes to a natural pink tint depending on your body temperature.

You can choose between a Shimmer one, fragrance free or strawberry!  My favorite is Strawberry Lip Moisturizer variant because I always LOVE strawberry tint on my lips!

 Product description

Now, for those who are used to wearing lipstick but wanted something more natural and subtle, go for Lip Ice Water Colour, they are highly moisturizing but has better pigmentation than the rest of the products mentioned above!  I got shades Rock 'n Pink, Dancing Pink and Vintage Pink.  Since my lips are highly pigmented, Vintage Pink can lighten up a bit of my lip color while Rock 'n Pink looks the most natural on me.

Product Description

All products mentioned are available in all Watsons branches nationwide.  There are more products from the brand not mentioned above like Mentholathum Therapy Lip Balm & Lip Gel, Men's Cool Aqua Lip Balm and LipIce Fruity.

Have you tried Mentholatum products?
Do you have a favorite line?

I used to be LipIce Fruity loyalist but since learning about Lip Pure and how it was made with 100% natural ingredients, I'm all for that!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Vintage pink looks pale on me but still it's still a pretty color! I haven't tried Dancing pink and I love the packaging my co-ed friends mistaken it for real lipstick (and I make them a convert to this and burt's bee)

    1. Ahh Pale is no no if you have fair skin no? :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. I also use this brand! Love the one with the spf and sheer colour :)

    CJ | From Manila with Love: Beauty, Life & Feminism

    1. yay, thanks for sharing your thoughts! I've been a long time user of this brand years ago pa when it wasn't available locally, I used to hoard when I go to China or HOng kong! I'm glad I don't need to na

  3. i always have lip balm on my pouch.. because i always have chapped lips and so the little mini me =(


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