Saturday, December 12, 2015

Online Shopping or Selling: You Can Try YiLinker

You've probably seen me posted this cute Stuff Toy on my Instagram account last December 2.  
Yes, I braved Solaire Resort because I wanted to learn more about the company and what they can offer for buyers and possible sellers like my readers.

I personally am a professional online shopper --- yes, if there is a title for that, I am the Queen of Online Shopping!  I have been shopping online since 2007 and I believe I go to that route even more now that I am very busy!  

Obviously, you can imagine how I heavily rely on online shopping sites to buy gifts for loved ones!  Because if I can be a hermit and stay at home for the whole Christmas Season, I'll do that!


Now, let's talk about YiLinker, it is the newest entrant to the local e-commerce industry and they are setting themselves apart by revolutionizing the online shopping business with a unique value proposition formerchants and its affiliates.

Mr. Nelson Liao, CEO of YiLinker Philippines was there during the launch to explain further the aim of YiLinker and answer queries from guests.

 So how does YiLinker work for both online buyers and sellers?

As for Sellers, gives everyone a chance to earn more income via their affiliate program.
Let's say, in a typical offline traditional selling, merchants or suppliers need to spend for overhead costs such as rent, manpower and marketing tools.  So that is definitely a no-no for a small, start-up business!

With the YiLinker Affiliate Program, merchants only need to provide their products with the best price and the thousands of affiliates will be the one to promote them via their social media.  And of course, hardwork will always pay-off.  If you are an influencer who have a strong media following, the YiLinker Affiliate Program rewards you with additional passive income simply by creating your own account.  The program allows Affiliates to set up their own store simiply by selecting their desired products and promoting them on their social media site!  They don't have to worry about delivery and other services because YiLinker offers end-toend service from pick and pack to after sales and customer support.

To learn more about starting your online business or how to become an affiliate, visit

Now, let's head on to online shoppers like me!
I have browsed for a couple of days the past week and so far, there are some tweakings done on their side because the site is fairly new!

I enjoy checking out various categories  from Clothing to Mobile Phones and a lot more.

I can also see other online sellers and the products they are selling.

And of course, I am starting to put up my "WishList" while I do research on the side.  And if you wonder who will use this --- not for me!  Who else?

Overall, I'm glad our country is coming out with more e-commerce site for busy moms like myself who has no time to brave the traffic.

Are you an online shopper?
Online seller?
Can you share to me your online site so I can have a look too?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Ooh I am both a seller and a buyer and this is interesting. Will check it out. Thanks.

  2. This sounds promising though, I wonder do they check their sellers against counterfeit products?

    1. yes, someone asked that during the launch and they personally check daw! each seller!

  3. wow.. im thinking of great items to sell online.. with the help of my sissies =)

    1. yes, I remembered you told me about being a seller, go go go!

  4. I'm online shoppers at lazada sobrang dami ng pagpipilian nandon na yata lahat tsaka daming sales and discount lalo na Christmas holiday tsaka on time Sila lagi magdeliver I always purchased diaper and gadget

    1. oohh good for you, I'm honestly a bit scared after reading all the nega reviews on Lazada, I'm sure it's not intented on some items from sellers they didn't check but yes, we have to be cautious

  5. I just purchased an Iphone SE worth 1 peso. from YiLinker. I don't know if it's true, but they said "Transaction has been processed. Please wait for your package to arrive" and they also sent me a confirmation text message on my mobile number. hahaha.. sana hindi sila paasa... T-T

    1. That is too good to be true! I doubt it! Update me!

  6. I'm not sure why I got an email from yilinker, but I was 4 days too late for the item I wanted hahahaha email was sent july 29, I only saw it today, and already, the superhero blanket was out of stock!

  7. I fully paid for an order last Dec 23. Til now I have no idea how it is being processed. There is no more activity on my order. They are not picking up my landline or mobile call. No reply via email and SMS too. Can someone please help?


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