Sunday, December 27, 2015

Weekend Food Trip at: Mary Grace

Christmas Day may be over but that doesn't stop me to eat!  hehehe 
So my sister-in-law is in Japan, my in-laws are both in Baguio, so we spent the short holiday delivery gifts to our family and friends at the same time, spend quality time in malls and restaurants!  Well, not really MALL in general but mostly toy stores, supermarket and restaurants (and say REPEAT!)  

I had a quick get-together with good friend Andrea, instead of going home, the family went to Lucky Chinatown to have dinner together at the same time, shop for stables because we need to replenish our kitchen!  We were so scared to go out during the Christmas Rush so we were left with canned goods back home.

After grocery shopping, hubby left me to do the restaurant picking.  I used to pass by Mary Grace Cafe ALL the time but it was only this time I was able to take a peek inside and saw they have high chairs (The most important for me when we dine in restaurants because I want to have my hands free to eat myself!)

After checking the menu, I'm quite impressed and went ahead with my orders.

Summer Squash
Php160.00 (approx $3.63)
Squash and cream combined!  I love the taste, it is indeed kid friendly too as Kyle finished half of this bowl!

Classic Carbonara
Highly recommended by the server so I went ahead with this.  It's good but not the best Carbonara I tasted!  The best would be from The Stock Market (which already closed down) and maybe...Stella's Woodfire and HUBBY'S!  What's your bet?

 Sirloin Beef Tapa
 Comes with your choice of scrambled eggs or sunny side up.  I went for the latter and so far, this is one of the best-tasting Beef Tapa I've tried.  Very juicy and tender, I wish the serving is bigger though.

Chicken Inasal
Also comes with eggs and we went for scrambled on this one.  I am quite shocked with the look of their Chicken Inasal as you know me, I'm accustomed to my favorite Mang Inasal which always comes in a stick and maybe a bigger part?  Thankfully, the chicken itself is very flavorful and delicious so eating half-way, I forgave them for giving me such a small serving.

Overall, I am happy with the ambiance of the restaurant and the super nice service!  The staffs are extremely friendly and helpful so I will definitely go back!  It doesn't hurt I tasted one of the best Pumpkin soup and Beef Tapa!  Will definitely be a return-customer!

Have you tried Mary Grace?
What's your favorite dish?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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