Sunday, January 3, 2016

Weekend Food Trip at: Kuya J Resto

Happy Food Trip AMW friends!  Today, I will be sharing my food review at Kuya J Restaurant.  The newly opened restaurant endorsed by Jericho Rosales.  I mean, who could miss his huge poster?

I went and had dinner with my family a week before 2015 ends.  It was at SM Sta. Mesa branch.  And yes, you read it right, I did not celebrate with the family on New Year's Day because Mr. AMW and I were staying home taking care of Kyle who got sick December 31st! 

He was vomiting for more than 6 times and we got to monitor his fever instead of monitoring New Year's Countdown.  It was one of the most stressful moment in my life and we even rushed him to the Emergency Room yesterday at 12:30am!  Thankfully, he is fine now and we are monitoring his health!  He is slowly getting back in shape and I hope he will be back to his old self ASAP!

Now on to the Kuya J Restaurant Review....

Grilled Scallops
For the price, I immediately ordered right away because I love scallops with cheese!  I am usually a baked scallops girl but this grilled version is equally yummy!  The scallops are tiny though but it was well-compensated with a good amount of melted cheese with a hint of butter.

A photo of Grilled Scallops from Kuya J Restaurant

Fish and Kamote Fries
 To non-Filipino readers, Kamote means sweet potato.  If you can't seem to eat sweet potato, you can always go for the Kamote Fries route!  Because even my son can't get enough of this crispy french fries-like exterior with sweet interior.

As for the Crispy Fish, it is regular Cream Dory deep fried in a batter.

Yummy but not extraordinary!

A photo of crispy fish and kamote fries from Kuya J Restaurant

Pork Barbecue
Php150.00 for 5 sticks
Their version of Pork BBQ is tender on the inside with a bit of crisp on the outside!  I love the flavorful BBQ sauce which spells PERFECTION.

A photo of pork bbq from Kuya J Restaurant

Sizzling Sisig
The one from the menu has egg but you can always opt for a "no egg" version.  Our favorite Sisig will always be from Gery's!  Hubby loves sisig from the latter but I accept a bit of change whole-heartedly!  The pork sisig version of Kuya J is a bit more "sauce-y".

A photo of Pork Sisig from Kuya J Restaurant

Kuya J's Crispy Pata
Php695.00 (Family)
We ordered the size for Family because who can say no to Crispy Pata?  Well, I have to admit, I am NOT a fan of Crispy Pata (don't shoot me) but this one passed the Crispy Pata fans (my brother and Mr. AMW) 

No wonder this was included in their bestseller menu and indeed, every table has this!  Definitely A-MUST try if you visit the restaurant!

A photo of Crispy Pata from Kuya J Restaurant

Kuya J Menu

A photo of menu from Kuya J Restaurant
A photo of menu from Kuya J Restaurant
A photo of menu from Kuya J Restaurant
 A photo of menu from Kuya J Restaurant

A photo of menu from Kuya J Restaurant

Overall, I enjoyed trying out various dishes from Kuya J and will definitely go back for other bestsellers!  I may still have my favorites from other restaurants but the price points and service got thumbs up from me!
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Have you tried Kuya J's Restaurant?
Any dish recommendation for us to try?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I missed visiting SM Sta. Mesa it's been a while the last time I visited it (It brings back college memories kasi) hahaha!

    1. hahah I'm usually there to have dinner with my mom and dad and brother! :) I live closeby kasi before :D But that mall was my "highschool" mall :P

  2. pochero bulalo tagalog and adobong manok sa gata at pinya is great.. my kids love it.. this are the ones we tried on our first visit.. price wise they are very affordable.. serving size is ok.. good for at least 3-4 persons.. the chorizo dinamitas is a must try.. i don't eat this.. but when i tried it i instantly love it.. even my kids love it.. very tasty and spice is only on the last bite.. the garlic mayo dip is delicious.. one serving is not enough.. i guarantee you'll ask for another round.. big serving for its price.. and very filling i must say.. also tried their sisig rice and chopsuey.. all delicious.. the sisig rice has just the right spicyness to it.. complemented the sweet hints of the adobong manok we ordered.. best of all.. they serve your food real quick.. so if your really hungry you won't wait that long for your food to arrive..

  3. Try ko nga minsan kumain Jan parang ang sarap ng mga menu!!! Ano po ba Ibig sabihin ng "J" sa kuya j?

  4. Kay Jericho Rosales po ba yan? Or sya lang po yung endorser?

  5. I thinks some of their foods only have little servings while some affordable. Anyway it still looks delicious! And I'd like to try their sizzling sisig.

    1. I agree, me naman, I am open for a bit pricier but bigger serving! hahaha #TAKAWMuch

  6. Bagnet kare kare and their halo halo OMYGOSH!!!!! Try it naaa :D Go do it haha :)

  7. I love this review. Thank you Nikki for posting this.


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