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Leaders Insolution Masks To Try For Starters

For someone who has tried mask sheets for years!  I can't believe there will come a time I'll turn into a "walking advertisement" for a specific mask brand!  Seriously, follow me on Snapchat (@AskMeWhats) and you'll see how much of a mask fan I am!  It is my "me-time" when the little one goes to bed and I get a kick of choosing the specific variant to use for the night.

That is an easy task for me because I did my researched and knew what my skin type is and what my skin needs!  But for a particular reader named Karen, who emailed me telling me how confusing it is to visit the Leaders Insolution store!  How overwhelmed she felt with all the different variants and lines --- point taken!  Not everyone is a facial mask nerd as I am so I'm sharing a quick tip on how to spot the Leaders Insolution Mask for YOU if you are a first-timer!

Number 1 rule: Know your skin type.  Talk to the SA who is in store because she knows all the Leaders Insolution masks by heart!  

But if you are the type who would like to go "low key" and just give this brand a try before investing your time and attention on may start with these Leaders Insolution regular masks (priced at Php148.00 each)

These are my top 4 picks for starters!
a photo of leaders insolution masks

Age-Defying Treatment Mask
As the name states, this facial mask is what I recommend for users who have aging skin!  Okay, keep in mind that the term aging skin doesn't deal with just your age (as a number).  Some 40 year old still have plump, healthy-skin while other 20 year-olds have wrinkly, dry and loose skin!  So we are definitely talking about the "age of your skin" when you pick a mask of choice.

This facial mask is what I use on days I don't have any skin issues but I want to help firm and tighten my skin since I'm not getting any younger!  You don't feel the tightening after first use but I like how my skin looks plump and smooth immediately.
a photo of leaders insolution Age-defying treatment mask

Moisturizing Aqua Mask
 Now, don't drop this like a time bomb if you have oily skin!  At some point, your skin gets bombarded with all those pimple/acne treatment creams, pore removal products and a lot of exfoliation!  There will come a time that your skin will need a boost of moisture!  This is a perfect mask for days you want to deeply hydrate and energize your skin!  

Now of course, if your skin is suffering from dehydration, this is definitely a go-to mask because I can immediately feel "hydrating at its finest" whenever I use this mask!

a photo of leaders insolution Moisturizing Aqua Mask

Refreshing Soothing Mask
 This was highly recommended to me by the Leaders Insolution SA when I told her about my skin sensitivity on certain products.  Whenever I switch brands, my skin tends to act-up, thus, allergic reactions like redness and itchiness may occur.  That doesn't mean the "new product" doesn't work but it really take a bit of time for my skin to adjust to "new ingredients".  So in between, I would pick this up to help sooth my delicate skin.  I like how it lessens redness around my dry and itchy areas!
a photo of leaders insolution Refreshing Soothing Mask

Brilliant Brightening Mask
This is actually the FIRST EVER Leaders Insolution mask variant that I tried because the name itself called me!  I am always going for brightening face masks and this is the first that I've used that shows immediate result!  After using this for 20 minutes leave it on my skin til the next morning, I woke up with definitely brighter-looking skin!  I was amazed how fast the result was and this is one reason why I said: "Though this mask brand is pricier than others, it is worth every single centavo because I see results after first use!"

a photo of leaders insolution Brilliant Brightening Mask

Please bear in mind that we have different skin type and condition and our experience may not be the same!  It is highly recommended to seek advise from the professional BAs who has undergone training and maybe, pick 1 mask to try before you splurge for more!

Leaders Insolution masks are available at Lucky China Town Mall, Festival Supermall, SM Cebu Department Store, SM Davao Department Store, SM North EDSA, SM Cubao Department Store, SM Makati Department Store, SM Manila Department Store, SM San Lazaro Department Store and soon to open SM Seaside Cebu, SM Lanang and SM Iloilo.

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What is your favorite Leaders Insolution Variant?
If you will be purchasing your first mask from the brand, which variant would you go for?

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  1. Love the aqua moisturizing one. I am looking forward to trying more variants.

  2. Leader's mask is a true leader ;) they never fail to deliver!


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