Thursday, April 14, 2016

Gold for the Face? Royal Gold 24K Foundation Review!

So when I first browsed Althea website for my online shopping needs, the first product that caught my attention is the Royal Gold Radiant Foundation!  It's not because for the fact that this product is meant to create radiant-looking skin, but for the fact that the product literally has a thin gold sheet on top of the cushion!

Too bad mine came with a missed gold spot!  I don't mind at all though because I just want to dig into this product and see how a cushion with an added sheet of gold can help create radiant-looking skin!  Will it be natural or fake-looking?

What you see is a thin sheet of gold, underneath is your foundation!  Based from research, you get 3mg of gold on the surface and inside the foundation, 1ppm of gold.  Now, ask me to explain to you how much that is --- I can't!  As long as I know the gold particles are not only on the surface!  I'm find by that!


Product info in Korean (Feel free to enlarge if you can read Korean)

2 shades available #21 and #23
As always I picked the darkest shade because true enough, it will always come out lighter than my skin!

Using the sponge that comes with the compact, I like to gently massage one side of the sponge and grab a bit of the product.  Note:  A little goes a long way!

As for application, I like to pat gently starting from the center of my face going outwards.  You would be surprised how much a small dab from the compact can do!  What I got from the previous photo, I can cover half of my face!

Shade 23 is obviously NOT my shade.  The effect turns out to be grayish and unnatural.  So please bear in mind that color matching would be an issue if you purchase Royal Gold 24K foundation.

Before and After

The coverage is thicker than regular BB Cream.  It is medium to heavy depending on how much you apply.  It gives a demi-matte finish with radiance!  You can definitely see some improvement on radiance and skin looks healthier!  Aside from that, it stays the whole day with minimal retouch if set properly. I just wish the shade matches my original skin tone because this will be perfect!  

The formulation is non-drying, quite hydrating if I may have to add!  I can wear this all day (with dark powder foundation on top though) and I have to make sure my photos won't be taken that day because of white cast.

I highly recommend this for users with normal and dry skin!  Oily-skin consumers may not enjoy the extra hydration the product gives!

Half Face Test

If you ask me if adding Gold in foundation will help in radiance?  My answer is: YES!  Definitely!  And I actually love how my skin looks, it's one of the best-looking Radiance Foundation I've tried to date BUT, Royal Gold, I wish you create more shades!

Royal Gold 24K Foundation costs Php850.00 (approx 19.00) available at Althea.

Do you want to have GOLD included in your makeup products?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I want to purchase it too because it's on sale but I hesitate with their very limited shade selection.

    1. super mura na? On sale pa! BUt yeah, it's the color that I worry! I have to make it work by adding a darker shade of liquid or powder foundation!

  2. It's actually quite nice finish wise. The shade is quite off indeed, but nothing a little bit of mixing with another shade will solve.

    1. super nice finish! and yes, mixing another shade to solve it but the effect of radiance if used the product alone is super different talaga! So sayang lang if mixed with other products :D


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