Friday, June 24, 2016

Bing Loyzaga Lost 30lbs in 5 months! An Intimate Gathering with Marie France

I used to be 20lbs heavier during my China Teaching Days, I know I'm not in perfect shape now but I try my best not to get back to those days when I get comments like: "You should stop eating too much" or "Why are you so fat when you don't eat a lot?" or "You know what?  You can trim a bit of those flabs in your waist and you'll be a lot sexier!" and worst: "ANG TABA MO NA AH! MASARAP KUMAIN?"

I used to be chill about it and just smile and say: "Wala eh!  I'm happy!"  But at the back of my head, it's - "(insert expletives)....If I lose the weight, I'll show you!" 

But that didn't happen overnight, I tried all sorts of diet!  From the famous 6 o'clock diet to skipping meals!  I was really depressed deep inside to the point of feeling like a loser!  

So I vowed to myself never to give insensitive remarks to anyone I meet!  No matter how slim or fat they are, I knew I don't have the right to judge so I'd rather keep my mouth shut!

So when I got an invite from Marie France for an intimate get-together with their newest face Bing Loyzaga, I knew I had to be there!  Because I can totally relate!

To those "batang 90's" like me (ahem, in truth 80's talaga ako), you'll know Bing Loyzaga for her memorable Kontrabida roles.  Seeing her in the flesh at 45 years old made me realize, hey, getting old isn't scary at all!  If I can still look half as gorgeous as her, I'll be okay!

The intimate event was held at Shangrila at The Fort.  The place felt like home when I got in, with familiar faces whom I haven't seen for quite sometime, I knew it was an afternoon well-spent.

Marie France and Bing cooked up wonderful activities for guests.  

I knew there will be a painting session when I saw these!

Cute apron I wouldn't mind wearing when I cook!

Bing was the one who drew this because this was a reminder on her 30lbs heavier past!  

Before the watercolor session, we get to chat with Bing and she shared her weight lost journey.
Bing actually had a liposuction done on her arms and legs during her 30s.  It was a decision she made that she regret because she felt even worst after the procedure.  She even gained back all the weight she lost.  To make matters worst, she was recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism.  A condition in which the thyroid gland is not producing enough thyroid hormone.  This slows down the metabolism and leads to weight gain!

Because she put up so much weight in just a span of 3 months, she even lost a role in a show she was already cast in.  It was that moment she realized, she had to step up and do something about it.  That's when she went to Marie France for help.  

"With Marie France, it really felt like a new beginning.  One, the slimming treatments are non-invasive.  Two, I have a team behind me which consists of a doctor, nutritionist, slimming consultant and highly-trained therapists who were there to guide me through the whole process."

Among Bing's go-to treatment is the Marie France staple FMS Elite.  The updated and improved version of the highly successful Fat Mobilization System that now has no more cold wraps and no more shivering.  It helps convert bad white fat to brown fat, a process that is now being hailed by obesity experts all over the world.

But during the event, we were all given the chance to take a pek at Marie France's latest offering: the Thermo Magnetic Pulse (TMP).

TMP uses 4D technology, a powerful combination of a multi-polar radio frequency and pulsed magnetic fields, which delivers 4 benefits in just 1 application: fat reduction, body contouring, skin tightening and cellulite smoothening.

AMW with her finished color!  I was inspired by Bing's 80s and 90s look so I even applied makeup on the model :)

Catch up with Fellow Mommy Bloggers Shen and Janice and Marie France's NJ Torres.

More photos during the event

And a group photo with 30lbs lighter Ms. Bing Loyzaga.

I am so inspired with Bing's story and if you want to start your own slimming journey like her, feel free to call Marie France at 894-2639, or text/viber 091705262573 for free consultation.

Do you have a weightloss journey or are you currently going through weight issues?
Feel free to share because I can totally relate!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Yeah weight comments are plain rude. Whatever happened to hello or hi? Nowadays it is pretty common to greet someone with a comment like 'tumaba ka'or 'ang payat mo sobra'. I swear sometimes I am tempted to retort back with a 'you look miserable' or something in that vein just to play fair.

    1. I know, hay ang sad lang! I hope people are more sensitive with the words they say!

  2. By the way, Bing Loyzaga looks great in any shape or size. She looks more youthful now.

  3. Ugh I always greet everyone close to me with: "Hi sexiness!" or "Hello fabulous"so that they warm up on you pretty quickly.

    1. tama! dapat ganon! Please greet me with Hello Fabulous :P

  4. Replies
    1. You have to call them and go for free consultation , they have to have you assessed before they will show you calculations


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