Sunday, June 5, 2016

Nadai Fujisoba Lucky Chinatown

We have been to LCM for so many times we almost worry about where to eat!  I mean, yes, there are so many restaurants out there but not EVERY restaurant has HIGH CHAIR!

Once we were craving for Japanese food and we passed by a restaurant called Nadai Fujisoba, the restaurant isn't big but it has our requirements --- high chair and cute interiors!

Now let's talk about the food, it was a super busy and ngarag day so we weren't able to take photos of "Each" dish!  But here's the overview!

What we ordered ---
Katsudon, Ebi Tendon and Aja Fuji Soba

To be honest, there wasn't any "WOW" factor on any of their dishes!  They are okay but they don't have the distinct taste that we're looking for when we want authentic Japanese dish!  Please bear in mind this is just our opinion!  My sister-in-law dined here and commented the exact same thing!  But of course, on random days you just need to have a serving of Japanese meal, you may give this a try and tell me what you think!

We happily took photos of the menu for you so you'll know what to expect before getting there.

I have to commend the staffs for good service though!  If ever we get back, I'll definitely try their other dishes! 

Let me know your thoughts if you have tried this restaurant!  Do you feel the same way as we do?

Nadai Fujisoba
2nd Floor, Lucky Chinatown Mall
Binondo Manila

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Stay happy!


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