Friday, July 1, 2016

If You Don't Own a Single Box O' Powder from Benefit, You NEED THIS!

YES...THIS!  The newest offering from Benefit called Cheekathon.  
Remember how I went crazy over Benefit's Real Cheeky Party Kit last year?  I hoarded 4 sets and gifted 2 to my closest friends (perks of being my close friend lol) and saved 1 kit for myself and another for professional use.  Because I LOVE all Box O' Powders from Benefit but the bulky packaging is not feasible for Professional Make Up Artists like me.

And it was even BETTER news when I learned the Limited Edition Cheekathon contains FULL SIZED 5 of the top selling blush shades from the brand!  You read it right FULL SIZE!

A photo of Benefit Cheekathon

This KIT are mostly sold out but according to the little birdie, they will restock before the year ends!  So ask your favorite Benebabe about this and reserve one NOW because sulit talaga!

A photo of Benefit Cheekathon

The shades included in this KIT are --- 

A photo of Benefit Cheekathon

Dandelion - a perfect day time blush shade for fair to medium skin.
Hoola - A nice, warm and natural blush shade for light to medium skin.  A nice contour shade for medium dark to dark complexion.
Rockateur - a lovely shade that works for everyone! It looks scary and shimmery on box or pan but amazingly natural-looking on cheeks.
Dallas - A medium brownish pink shade that works for all skin tone.
Coralista - a nice peachy-pink shade that brightens up the face!
A photo of Benefit Cheekathon

The KIT includes this Benefit Box O' Powder brush.  It is made of natural animal hair and I love how it is perfect for blush application and also a perfect "contour" blush!

A photo of Benefit Cheekathon

AMW wore Dandelion 
A perfect day time blush.
A photo of Benefit Cheekathon

What's your favorite shade?
Will you purchase this set?

How many Box O' Powder Blush do you currently own?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Amazing I'm drooling and perhaps, I'll start hunting soon :D

  2. My fave is Coralista, as adviced by you. Cant get enough of that!!! 😘

  3. Love the coralista! Makes the face look young and healthy.

  4. Ooh I wanted that Christmas box so bad! I think it even had Watt's Up? This is much better though, since they're full sized. Already blew through this quarter's beauty budget but I'll make this my early Christmas gift to me hahaha


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