Friday, August 26, 2016

Benefit Dandelion Dew is Freshness in A Bottle!

Yes, there is indeed such thing as "Freshness in a Bottle" because every time I wear my Benefit Dandelion Dew, I always get complimented on being "fresh" even if I just came out from gazillion of meetings, work with less than 5 hours of sleep!  

a photo of Benefit Dandelion Dew

I was recently gifted with a generous sample size of Dandelion Dew which is also known as a Soft Baby-Pink Radiance for Cheeks and I've been using it for weeks now and I still have a lot left!

a photo of Benefit Dandelion Dew

The full size packaging looks like this!

Photo taken from Benefit Cosmetics website
According to Benefit Cosmetics ---
"This sheer, baby-pink blush gives cheeks a dewy, delicate pink glow. Its lighter-than-air liquid texture melts in for a natural blush look that’s so soft and radiant…you’ll look lit from within."

a photo of Benefit Dandelion Dew

This is definitely a cheek color in "liquid form" you can't go wrong with even if it is a first for you to use such product!  It goes on pretty sheer you definitely won't see any flaws no matter how you apply it!  

a swatch photo of Benefit Dandelion Dew

The formula is easy-to-blend and it doesn't dry out quickly like most cheek tints so you have a bit of time to work with it.

The texture is very creamy and it won't sit in pores or wrinkles!  It just gives a nice "glow-from-within" brightener!  

The soft pink shade, I imagine, would appear really well on users with fair to medium skin tone.  If you have darker complexion, this may come off as a highlighter instead of cheek color!  Darker complexion may enjoy the Dew the Hoola Soft Matte Liquid Bronzer (which I also own and will review soon!)

a swatch photo of Benefit Dandelion Dew

I like to use a concealer blush and gently apply on the highlights of my cheeks!  Feel free to apply on the apples of your cheeks too if you want but I like this placement because it gives my face the natural lift I want.

a photo on how to apply Benefit Dandelion Dew
Brush used: Poise Makeup
 Before and After
 before and after photo of Benefit Dandelion Dew

Tip: If you want to blush to appear darker, feel free to use this as a "base" and apply a similar soft matte pink blush color on top!  You still have a bit of that "glow" peeking underneath.

a photo of Benefit Dandelion Dew

Keep in mind that Benefit Dandelion Dew doesn't have the power of usual cheek tints, meaning, it won't stay as long as cheek tints but nevertheless, stays more than half a day for me since I have normal skin.   Overall, I am very happy with the result and will definitely repurchase a full-sized version!

Benefit Dandelion Dew is priced locally at Php1,600.00 (approx $35.50).  Follow them on Facebook: Benefit Cosmetics Philippines
Twitter: @BenefitBeautyPH
Instagram : @BenefitBeautyPH
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Do you like Dandelion Dew on me?

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  1. I was initially interested in the Hoola bronzer you mentioned but since you said it's not long-lasting, I think I'll pass. This looks good on you, though!

    1. I'll let you know soon how Hoola Bronzer works! It could be different! :) But seriously, LOVING THIS!


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