Friday, September 30, 2016

Something New: Great Lakes by Oishi

I can easily be swayed guys, give me a cup of coffee, you'll see a huge smile on my face!  That's one thing I really can't change in the love for simple things!  Aside from coffee, I am also a fan of juices and milk!  I may not be snacking a lot in a day but I like to enjoy simple moments by sipping my favorite drinks as I do my gazillion tasks.  

And I found another alternative to coffee!  Oishi Great Lakes was right in front of the doorstep when I was just craving for an ice cold juice drink one Monday afternoon.

Great lakes is a line of natural fruit juices from Oishi.  There are 2 flavors to choose from --- Pure Pressed APPLE and Just Right RED GRAPE.

As much as I dislike fruit juices that are EXTREMELY sweet, Great Lakes juices have this clean, refreshing taste that is not too sweet.  The Great Lakes Pure Pressed Apple is made from 100% apple juice while Just Right Red Grape, on the other hand, has the right amount of natural grape juice.

I am NEVER a fan of Apple Juices but I was actually able to appreciate this particular one from Great Lakes, it doesn't have the "bitter taste" I get from other brands.  

Great Lakes is available nationwide in major supermarkets and convenience stores for Php20.00 (250ml) and Php70.00 (1L)

Have you tried Great Lakes drinks?
What's your favorite variant?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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