Saturday, October 15, 2016

Because I Want to Live More...

Hello AMW Friends, I'm Nikki Tiu (aka AskMeWhats, Ms. AMW, Mrs. AMW, AskMeMom).
A lot of my friends wonder how I go through my life each day, when I tell them, I tend to ask myself too: "How do I manage my day?"  

With a lot of help of course!  Before I share to you some of my secrets to stay sane amidst the crazy daily schedule, let me tell you first what I do.. aside from being "Your Friendly AMW neighborhood" of course!

Stripped off from all the glamour of makeup, I wake up every morning and send my son to Preschool.  The school is quite far from where I live so I've decided to wait for him half a day instead of driving back and forth.

Some days, I schedule myself multiple meetings with brands and companies I work closely with.  My friends love to call it my "Tuhog schedule", meaning, I like to schedule everything at one go because driving 1.5-2 hours to Ortigas, Makati or BGC isn't a joke!

with Benefit Cosmetic Philippines' Brand GM Donna and Marketing Manager Kriska

With Girlstuff/Solique Dra. Janina 
 There are also days I hold makeup workshops/trainings.

I am still a make-up artist that you originally know (aside from being a trainer) so I do photoshoots, Bridal Makeup.

with Trio Photography's Mark Lao for Biogenic x NU Volleyball Team shoot
On special days, I may also be in front of the camera.

And I also make time to meet up with friends, because they are my "fuel", my "energy"

with Highschool friends

More Highschool friends

with College friends

 Of course, I also make sure to have time for both families!

I also do what most moms do, I cook for the family because it is not a job, but it is a stress-reliever for me.

Tofu Steak's Fried tofu
 I also spend time as much as I can with my son doing fun activities with him like painting, dancing, singing.


And on super rare days, I can have a simple date with Mr. AMW!

Do I have enough time for other things?  Well, thankfully, things that I also need to prioritize that can't be squeezed into my super busy schedule are now easier to manage!  Like paying bills, worrying about expiring points (sayang naman di ba?)  I am so happy my mobile provider Smart finally has an app to make life easier for busy people like me!

My Smart is a self-service platform that allows subscribers to manage their accounts online – from a simple checking of balance, retrieving their account information, or activating/deactivating an array of services. My Smart puts the customer is in control of his personal account/s anytime, anywhere.

How to download this app?  Simple!  The My Smart app is available via Web, Mobile, and Mobile App (Android & IOS).

I've downloaded mine and thought it would just be another "useless" app eating up space from my phone!  Thankfully, I gave it a try and is hooked!

Once downloaded, you see an overview of your account.

My favorite?  I can finally pay bills either using my points!

 My favorite?  The Perks!

I was on a rush for a make up gig one morning and I tried redeeming Jollibee Burger with my Smart Loyalty Points!  It was so easy!  No need to text for special codes or something, all I need to do was to click Redeem and wait for a text message sent to me from Smart and show it to the Jollibee staff, and I got my burger! 

Trust me, on early mornings like this wherein you're too hungry to think about anything, this is a lifesaver!

Other services you may avail if you download the app,
  • View Account/Plan Details
  • Check Balance & Usage
  • Check Add-Ons Expiry
  • Avail/Buy Add-Ons
  • eStatement Service
  • Bills Payment
  • Check Plan Renewal Date
  • File a Help Ticket
  • Register to Rewards
  • PUK Code Retrieval
  • Call Barring Deactivation
  • Enroll to Auto-Debit
  • Exemption from Redirection
  • View & Redeem Perks

With little help like this makes a HUGE difference in my crazy world!  Welcome to my life guys!

Are there any small things in life like apps, programs that helps you go through daily life easier?  Please comment below and share because just like you,  I want to live more!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I commend you for being able to give yourself like that to friends, family, and commitments while never seeming to be drained of energy. I could never do it. I am the type who has to have a lot of me time and by that I mean plenty of alone time. I have this need to disconnect for a while and I do, if not, I would feel so exhausted. But I salute you, being a supermom is not easy. :)

    1. aww thank you so much! I get kilig when I get feedback like these kaya I am more inspired to be where I am now :) Thank you!

  2. Wow! Such a busy bee! I admire you for being able to balance various aspects of your life while still looking young and fresh in the process. Hihi. I hope I could be like you!

    1. thank you Aviva, it is a priority kasi of mine to give time to the people who matters! thank you love thank you!


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