Friday, December 30, 2016

Kate Tokyo Sharp Lock Gel Pencil is Perfect For...

Tightlining and for lower lashline application.

Yup!  I said it, so please don't leave this page and read further below, because I took the liberty to take photos and explain why this product is perfect for the said functions!

a photo of Kate Tokyo Sharp Lock Gel Pencil

According to Kate Tokyo Sharp Lock ---

  • Super fine gel pencil. 
  • Shape up your lash lines and wing it your way.
  • Fine line ot the outer corner and fade-resistant
  • A rich gel liner with a super fine 1.5mm tip.
  • Available in shades BR-1 and BK-1

a photo of Kate Tokyo Sharp Lock Gel Pencil

It comes in a very simple black packaging and it is indeed very slim to hold.

a photo of Kate Tokyo Sharp Lock Gel Pencil

I got the shade BK-1 which is matte black.
The tip isn't sharp as most twist-type eyeliner pencil.  The tip is flat so I doubt I'll create a good winged liner with this.
a photo of Kate Tokyo Sharp Lock Gel Pencil

Swatch on BK-1
Indeed, the product lives up to the name!  It does have a gel liner consistency and the shade BK-1 is super black!

a photo of Kate Tokyo Sharp Lock Gel Pencil

Now here's the thing why I hail this pencil as the perfect pencil for tightlining, it is indeed waterproof, sweatproof and tear proof!  I can't seem to create a smooth line on the upper lashline like what I usually do with a gel liner or liquid liner!  I feel like I tug my eyelid a bit and create uneven lines!  Feel free to do this application if you immediately smudge the line with a smudger brush!  But if you want super sharp and even lines, I highly recommend to use  liquid/gel liners instead.

a photo of Kate Tokyo Sharp Lock Gel Pencil

Why is this a perfect tool to use for tightlining and for lower lashline application?  The 1.5mm tip and size of the liner makes this a super easy tool to do so!  And using this small liner to tightline gives that instant Wide-Eye effect minus the obvious "you have eyeliner on" look!

The liner sets pretty fast so even if I wanted to do a bit of smudging, it magically sets and stays there until removal!  Well, not unless you have extremely oily lid or you have droopy eyelid --- almost all pencils do not work!

Overall, I'm quite impressed with this liner and will definitely recommend this for those who likes to use pencil liners!

What's your take on Kate Tokyo Sharp Lock Gel Pencil?

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