Thursday, May 25, 2017

AskMeMom: Back to School with National Book Store

I seldom go to the mall for "leisure".  Whenever I get to be there for meetings or events, you will always find me roaming around just ONE particular store --- National Book Store. 

It is my favorite place for so many reasons!  
1. I am a book lover. (Kyle too!)
2. I love collecting art materials for Kyle Nash.
3. I buy school materials for Kyle because I homeschool him.
4. I also buy educational toys there.
5. The place just puts me at ease.  I am smiling ear-to-ear browsing from one section to another because I always find something worthy to spend my money on whenever I go there.  I can just stay there for hours!

So imagine how Back To School Season is exciting for me?  It may be stressful to some but let me tell you one thing, I am looking forward to it because it is the time where I have more reasons to visit National Book Store.  

So when I was invited by National Book Store with fellow mommies to share our favorite National Book Store finds, I had to clear out my schedule and be there!  Because it is definitely an ultimate #metime for me to be in the store and shop for my favorite boy!  It is also great to compare notes with fellow super moms who enjoy the store as much as I do.  I realized, there are just so many things and must-buy items to check out for!  All we need to do is to compare notes, tips and ideas.

When asked about my favorite section at National Book Store, I immediately exclaimed "Grab & Go".  

This section is very convenient especially for moms' on-the-go and moms with super active kids like I do!  This section includes everyone's favorite back-to-school items together in ONE PACK!  So I can easily pick one pack and head straight to the cashier without the need to scour one aisle to the other (or worst, go from one floor to the next!).  We mommies understand how time and energy is GOLD!

I grabbed all the packs available!  Because aside from convenience, there's also savings in every pack.

Since it was a shopping event with fellow mommies and I call it my "me time", I was able to check out and appreciate the National Book Store Glorietta Branch even more.  The store layout definitely improved a lot and I find that they added more brands both international and local!  Each aisle is clearly labeled and items are carefully arranged so I get to see everything in a glance.

I also spotted a Service section called ifex (International Fine Paper Exchange) Paper Bar.  

This area is so colorful and gorgeous and you get to pick your notebook cover color.  As for paper packs, you can choose between dotted or lined.  You can even go beyond to choosing a white or black spring to connect your notebook cover and note pad.


And that's not all!  The best is yet to come!  You also get to personalize your notebook with Names, Words or Phrases of choice!  Adding Php30.00 to the total bill (less than Php200.00 for the notebook) I get to add my name using silver foil and my Font choice as well!

Since we're on the topic of notebooks, I also like to look into their printed notebooks that are displayed prettily in one area!

And if you like to write creatively or doodle on your journey, I highly recommend Chameleon Art Products.  These aren't just another marker company as they say.  These pens can create stunning 3D effects, smooth transitions, highlighting, shading, gradations and blending with just ONE pen!  This is perfect for someone who likes to doodle on "makeup looks" during free time!  And looking at my jam-packed schedule on a weekly basis doesn't look as stressful!

And of course, there's always good 'ol Stabilo Boss highlighters and I can't believe how wide their shade ranges are as compared to when I was still in school!  (Lucky kids nowadays!)

Another favorite section of mine are stickers and craft materials!  I may not be a scrapbook type of girl but I like having these items for my "flat lay" photos on social media!  So I like collecting them and put them in my "creative box" just in case I needed them.

These tapes are a must too!  Imagine adding a "cute" touch to your letters and gifts!

Of course, after shopping for myself, I will always go back to my number one PRIORITY, my son!  I used to be a teacher, so shopping for school items is a breeze for me because I already have a curriculum at the back of my head!  Going for papers, art materials are a must so my next step is on the paper station!  I like to grab colorful papers in ONE pack.

More art materials like crayons, watercolor, pens and a whole lot more!  There are so many choices and I've spotted international and local brands alike!

You can definitely choose the item/s depending on your budget and I find they have always everything from inexpensive, mid-range, to higher priced items!

I went for Faber Castell Watercolor set!

And of course, if you are running out of time to DIY your kids' activities, you may purchase sets like these...

Kid Made Modern Arts and Crafts Library

Kid Made Modern Wooden Robot Kit

And of course, school supplies aren't the only items student needs, stuff like Backpacks and lunch boxes are also readily available for both boys and girls!

Thankfully, their designs are really nice and the quality isn't bad either!

Cute items from Zip It.

And of course, National Book Store added more to make mommy's work so much easier!  Organization products are also well-displayed and I love the trays and containers! 

And just when you think there's nothing more NBS can offer, I learned during the event that you can call the delivery hotline 8888-627, or shop online at their website to have your supplies and items needed shipped to you!

I am definitely glad my childhood bookstore has changed so much --- for the better!  Better not only for students but for parents who need the convenience, the budget-friendly options and superb selection of products for Back-to-School season.  Because seriously, that is one of the many bonding activities I look for with my mom before school starts.

For more updates, follow National Book Store on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube and visit the NBS Blog too!

Do you look forward to Back-To-School season with your kid/s?
Which section is your favorite section at National Book Store?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I am a fan of national bookstore too! I love the scrapbooking section as well as the books on new age and psychology.

    1. hay I always go there, I go there more often na than make up stores! LOL

  2. Aling branch po ito? Parang sobrang laki niya compared to other branches. Especially that colored papers section!!! :O


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