Monday, May 22, 2017

Colour Collection All Day Wear Lipstick (Suede Collection) Review

Dear AMW Friends!  
My week was extremely CRAZY and it will remain the same for the coming weeks!

So because of the hectic week, I am making sure I don't look like how I feel --- tired, sleepy and....did I say the word TIRED?  

My best bet to look fresh is by using various shades of lipsticks depending on my mood.  And the BDJ Elite Box that I received recently as a Mother's Day Gift contains all Colour Collection products and I immediately picked their newest lipsticks called All Day Wear Suede Collection.

"The Sude Collection features long wearing lipsticks in velvety soft texture that provide even application upon swipe.  Formulated with Shea butter and Aloe that gives instant moisture to the lips keeping them hydrated, conditioned and vibrant all day."

I was able to try and test all 6 shades!
L-R Mild Mocha, Rich Pecan, Cosy Currant
Irish Suede, Lovely Daisy and Rush Red

I am so happy this collection consists of mostly browns (3 out of 6), a bright pink, a purple and a bright red color.

Mild Mocha
Mild Mocha is a medium brown color with a hint of "peach" which translates into MLBB color because I have heavily pigmented lips.  This is a perfect daytime or everyday lip color.

Rich Pecan
Rich Pecan is a medium to darker reddish brown color that works so well as my 90's lip color!  I like how it instantly brightens up my face.

Cosy Currant
Is a berry-medium-red lipstick shade.  It has more red tint to it so this is a perfect "deep red brown" color if you are aiming for a red lipstick but is a bit too shy to wear one.

Irish Suede
As much as Bright Pink would automatically means "teenager", this is a perfect cool-tone bright pink color for medium to darker complexion gals!

Lovely Daisy
I like wearing this shade together with my matte purple blush!  This just "highlights" a sallow skin like no other!  This color would work wonders on fair to dark complexion gals!

Rush Red
An "orange red" color that I would highly recommend darker complexion gals to use!  As much as I love red lipsticks, I am very particular if the red leans on to having more orange tint because it will translate into yellow teeth!  For girls with fair skin like I do, it is best to mix this color on top of any of the brown lipsticks mentioned above.

After testing all 6 shades, here are my thoughts ---

  • The packaging is made of plastic with a see-trough packaging.  I like the see-through portion because I can easily spot the color of the lipstick without opening the cap.
  • The plastic packaging is a bit flimsy, some of the cap does not "close well" so be very careful with lipstick explosion. (when you like leaving lipstick inside a bag)
  • The colors are velvet-matte, it has right amount of hydration so for dry lips users, it doesn't make your lips feel dry or tight even hours of wearing.
  • Pigmentation is good.  You get a good amount of color in just one to two swipes.
  • Very lightweight.  Doesn't feel like I'm wearing any lipstick at all.
  • Longevity - Lasts at least 3-4 hours with drinking.  May last 2-3 hours with eating.
  • Mild Mocha, Rich Pecan and Cosy Currant are my favorites.
  • All the shades are very wearable for most skin tone and would work for all Filipinas.  You can definitely find the best shade for you out of the 6 shades available.
The Colour Collection All Day Wear Lipstick Suede Collection (2.4g) are priced at Php350.00 each.  
What's your favorite shade featured in this post?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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