Sunday, June 11, 2017

Boulangerie22 14th Store Opening at SM North EDSA

Aside from a cup of coffee, I have a soft spot for breads, yes...BREADS!  I used to "literally" lived on bread alone and survived without rice (that was eons ago of course I can't do it now!)  

But back to my topic, I am a bread lover and was actually a super loyal customer of Boulangerie22 ever since they opened up stores after stores a couple of years ago!  I can say I'm a loyal customer and I know all their breads pretty heart to be exact.

That's the reason why I held one of my #AMWWorkshopSeries at B22 Makati branch early this year.  And to prove my love for the brand, I got an invite for their 14th store opening at SM North EDSA and actually went 10am.

Can you see that happy and satisfied smile?  ---> that's definitely a sign of true love :D

During the opening date, the first 222 customers get to purchase cakes for 50% off while another 122 customers get to join the 22 seconds challenge!  22 seconds challenge means you get to put all the bread you can in a medium sized Boulangerie22 bag for the price of Php22.00!  No wonder the line was just as long as a line of a K-Pop concert!  It was crazy yet KUDOS to B22 staffs as everything went smoothly!  

The Boulangerie22 SM North EDSA branch is spacious, all the breads and cakes are neatly displayed in a way you get to see EVERYTHING at once glance!  I like how clean and spacious everything looks making it a wonderful "bread shopping experience" for anyone going in the store.

Display of Savory, Sweet and Frais & Authentique breads.
My favorite will always be the Garlic loaf and Bread Floss!

I like how the bread has this "European-feel".  

And of course, there are ample tables and chairs for those who would like to sit and relax and enjoy a cup of coffee along with the fresh breads and pastries.

This is my 22 second B22 challenge for Bloggers Edition.
Let me tell you, it has a bit of adrenaline rush.

With fellow Bloggers who went through the challenge.


Thanks Boulangerie22 for inviting me.  By the way, to those who frequents Robinsons Ermita...guess what?  B22 will open their 15th branch there!  I can't wait as I usually go there on weekends!

Congratulations Boulangerie22, keep on making fresh and yummy-tasting breads and pastries!  You just don't know the happiness your store can give me!

Have you visited B22 branch near you?

What's your favorite item from this store?

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Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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  1. My li'l brother and I are both bread lover. We will it out tomorrow


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