Wednesday, July 26, 2017

All The Panties You'll Ever Need in ONE Store

Whenever I see some of my old Avon underwear inside my dresser, it reminds me so much of what I've been through living and working in a foreign country as a teacher.  It wasn't just the fact of being alone that's hard, it's doing those simple tasks that seems so easy and convenient back home turns out to be extremely difficult in a foreign land.

Just like buying new sets of underwear!

Going to stores to purchase underwear is as difficult as trying to explain a particular style of haircut that you like.  I remembered getting offered lingerie instead of simple underwear, I remembered sizes given to me were all wrong!  So I ended up going to an Avon display just because I knew their sizes by heart!  Yes, they were affordable, cute for an early-20s and affordable!

Today, hearing about All the Panties You'll Ever Need in One Store made me realize how much of a comfort it is to live in this generation.

For women like me who already knew the brand sizes by heart, all you need to do now is to go online and purchase your favorite panties without having to go through traffic and long explanation to sales ladies!

“When it comes to panties, women should never settle for anything but the best,” shares Jean Reyes, Avon Philippines’ Marketing Director. “And by the best, we mean high-quality pieces that were engineered to meet your specific needs. The problem withfinding such items is—more often than not—you need to make multiple trips to different stores just to find what you’re looking for. And because you’re not allowed to fit panties prior to purchase, there is always that chance of you buying something you’d end up not liking, or not meeting your standards. This is something that we at Avon understand well and that’s why we came up with the Avon Panty Store.”
Just in case Avon's Intimate Apparel is new to you, here are some of my top picks that you may want to look into.

Cool, Breathable and Fun Printed Panties.
Larina 5-in-1 Midi Pack Php575.00

Semi-seamless pieces

Emily 2-in-1 Midi Panty Pack

Clara 3-in-1 100% Cotton Panty Pack
And thankfully, my old Avon panties are still looking pretty good so definitely passed my quality control and stood the test of time! 

And here are other designs you may choose from based from your needs.  Aside from that, there's special promo ongoing to help make you feel beautiful and save money as well!

From July 16 - 31, 2017 you can purchase the Willow 3-in- 1 Breathable LowRise Bikini Panty Pack for a promo price of Php450.00

The Isa 12-in-1 Panty Pack for only Php825.00.  

The Avon Panty Store collection is available through any Avon Representative today or
via online at

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