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Clio Kill Cover Conceal-Dation Review

You all know by now how much of a concealer user I am.  Ask me to choose between foundation or concealer, I'd go for the latter!  But what if one brand offers both?

That's the recent discovery from my Club Clio visit at TriNoma mall.  As much as my heart was aiming for the out-of-stock Pro Artist Liquid Concealer, the friendly SA told me that for my particular skin condition (dry), the Kill Cover Conceal-Dation is my perfect bet!  

a photo of Clio Kill Cover Conceal-Dation box

Because the product was in a box with a cute sponge (with casing), I was drawn to it and immediately got one!

Best decision made for the month of June 2017!

a photo of Clio Kill Cover Conceal-Dation box

The Clio Kill Cover Conceal-Dation comes in 3 shades ---
2-BP Lingerie : Rose Beige for Healthy Glow
3-BY Linen : Yellow-toned Natural Beige that covers up redness.
4-BO Ginger: Vibrant Medium Beige

I actually tested both shade 3 and 4 and chose the latter because when it comes to Korean cosmetics, I always go for the darkest shade!

Clio Kill Cover Conceal-Dation

a photo of Clio Kill Cover Conceal-Dation

Sleek black tube packaging with a dispenser similar to that of a lip gloss.
Note: Be careful not to squeeze the tube hard as the product is watery in texture so a huge amount of product was squeezed out accidentally on my first use.

a photo of Clio Kill Cover Conceal-Dation

Let's talk about the sponge that comes with the product!  Firstly, the packaging is AMAZING!  I have always dreamed of a sponge case for Beauty Blender-like sponges and CLIO nailed this!  I like it that the packaging is plastic so I can easily wash the case!

Now on to the sponge, as much as I am IN LOVE with the packaging, the sponge itself is surprisingly "hard".  Okay, dip it in water to soften it?  Didn't happen!  I believe they made it more dense to keep the sponge from getting soft as dense and hard sponge will apply more concealer to the skin instead of it getting absorbed into the sponge!  I got that point but I guess I'm used to handling soft, squishy sponges!

a photo of Clio Kill Cover Conceal-Dation sponge

Shade 04

You get a light beige concealer shade that indeed exude "vibrance" upon application.  The skin looks "highlighted" and healthy but be careful if you apply this on the undereye area as it may highlight the darkness instead of coveraging.  Correcting may be needed depending on your undereye condition.

a swatch photo of Clio Kill Cover Conceal-Dation Review

As for application, I like to spread the product directly from tube applicator to my skin.  With the flat area of the sponge, I gently dab and spread out the product evenly.

a photo of Clio Kill Cover Conceal-Dation Review

Before and After
As you can see, the conceal-dation did a great job in covering and brightening my undereye area.  I prefer to have it darker or with more warmer tones as to keep my undereye from looking too highlighted!  But overall, the product gets 2 thumbs up for coverage!  You get medium coverage for 1 layer and maximum coverage for 2 layers!  I can't imagine going for 3 as I felt I had enough coverage in just 2.

As for texture, the product is very watery but it dries off pretty FAST!  Flash-fast guys!  The product is very matte so you have to set it properly for even coverage.

a photo of Clio Kill Cover Conceal-Dation Review

Let's talk about lasting power, this concealer lasts me more than 6 hours, almost 8 hours!  I would say this is one of the longest-wearing concealer I have in my makeup dresser as of the moment!  I can actually survive using this without setting with powder because I have dry undereye area.

Pushing all the positivity aside, the only negative point that I can point out is that, it tends to dry out my skin after 4-5 hours!  My skin probably "drinks up" the moisture and all that was left is a symbol of dryness (wrinkly undereye area) which I found the best way to deal with this is to bring a small eye cream sample with me and gently dab the area to "hydrate" it before it goes "Sahara desert".

a photo of askmewhats wearing Clio Kill Cover Conceal-Dation Review

Because I love this product, I actually will wear and use this as concealer instead of foundation because I want to save this product as much as I can!  Considering, I don't have much skin issues on the rest of my face except undereye circles and pimples on my chin!  So I usually concentrate application there and just put a huge smile on my face hoping nobody notices my pimples!

CLIO Kill Cover Coneal-Dation is available at Club Clio TriNoma, soon Lucky Chinatown!

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What's your favorite CLIO product?
Have you tried any of their Kill Cover line?

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  1. Ooo this looks very good! I actually do the opposite! I love some concealers so much I use them in a thin layer as a foundation sometimes! I have too many foundations at the moment so I need to work through! Clio's products are great, I love their gelspresso eyeliners!

    1. wow...that is good to know! I seldom apply makeup all over face kasi! :) thanks for sharing!


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