Friday, August 18, 2017

Cream Silk's Customized Solution + My New Hair Color

I color my hair "as long as I can remember".  
From boxed color treatment to having it done professionally at salons.  Given the chance that my hair could talk, well..let's not go there.

BUT, in my defense, I take care of my hair dearly!  I use conditioner on a daily basis and use hair treatment at least twice a week.  

So imagine just how many tubes of conditioners I use up in a month?

That's why I was squealing with joy when I received Cream Silk's newest range called Customized Solutions.  I noticed that they also changed their packaging with more "relate-able" models as they are our country's well-known personalities (Heart Evangelista, Coleen Garcia, Nadine Lustre, Pia Wurtzbach, Yassi Pressman, Julie Anne San Jose, and Rachelle Ann Go.)

The 7 customized solutions covers all Filipinas' Hair Needs, from Standout Straight to Hair Fall Defense, Damage Control, Stunning Shine, Dry Rescue, Dandruff-Free and Color Protect. 

I'm sure like me,  you probably wanted to try ALL variants.

But since I color my hair a lot!  And I recently had my hair "Balayage-d" at HairShaft Salon, Podium, Fred Penales went all out with Ash tone Balayage.  My hair is extremely light with all shades of Ash and I can imagine my hair getting dry in a week's time!  SO I'm definitely arming myself with Color Protect Conditioner from Cream Silk and so far, the experience was wonderful!

"Cream Silk Color Protect (and the rest of the range) has Advanced Hair Reborn Technology that repairs, strengthens, and replenishes hair from inside out. It also contains nutrients that are essential to improve hair elasticity, moisture retention, and flexibility. With this breakthrough formulation, Cream Silk is able to detect even the smallest imperfections of one’s hair and caters to areas it is needed the most."

So I'm really hoping I can keep up protecting not only my hair color but the condition of my hair hoping it could tranform my hair into something even better than the current state!  I am positive though with the result as I have been a long-time Cream Silk user and they never fail!

If you are confused with the variant you want to try?  Feel free to take this fun online test HERE.

What's your favorite variant to reach your hair goals?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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  1. I love the test they say I need stunning shine or hair fall defense.


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