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Rainy Season Look with Etude House

Rainy season started months ago but I think I can always do this look adding up with a twist because I won't let rain dampen my mood.  And to make this even more fun, I've used only ONE brand for the entire face just because, I find it fun and challenging to do so!  I've seen YouTubers done it and I find it quite interesting to try!

Why not right?

So after picking up my favorite items from Etude House, this is Back-to-School perfect for rainy season look!  I added a lot of tips too especially on how to warm up a super light-colored base product (a request asked by many of you!)

Hair color by: Hairshaft Fred, Haircut done at Tony and Jackey Salon
Always start with a cleansed face and moisturized skin.  I used Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Matte because most of you (younger AMW readers) have oily skin so I highly recommend this matte version.

Swatch: Petal

Petal is actually shade 3 which is still too light for my skin tone. This product comes with SPF50+ PA+++ which obviously will give out a white cast on flash photography.  I know a lot of you have issues with Korean base makeup in terms of how white your face look after application.

Please scroll further down for more tips on how to deal with such issues.  

As for now, leave the BB cream to set for a couple of minutes.  If you have acidic skin, this is a perfect time to see the white cast disappear.  If it remains as white as...well, Snow White.  Worry not, I'll teach you how to warm up your face later on.

If you have oily or combination skin, set the BB (Beautifying Block) cream with a choice of powder.  I used Etude House Precious Mineral Compact in Petal as well.

Swatch: Petal

Since I have dry skin, I only apply a tiny amount using a flat top kabuki brush from Charm setting only the areas where it tends to oil-up midday.

If you have dry skin, feel free to skip this step!

Now, here's the most important part.  To tone down the white cast, invest on a contouring palette and finally, Etude House brand came up with such product!  I love the packaging, I love how handy it is and this is something you should invest on as well if you want to "warm up" your overall look especially since it is the rainy season!  The sun may be hiding but we can always bring out the sun to our face!

Etude House Face Designing Contouring Palette
Shade #2 Pink Brown
This comes with 3 shades to help contour and highlight your face in a most subtle way.  

Swatch: Pink Brown
L-R medium brown shade, pale cool-tone brown shade and a champagne shade.

As for application, I picked the darkest shade from the three and used it to contour key areas around my face. Cheeks, Nose and forehead.

The key tip in contouring is to use a clean brush and blend everything.

Some key areas to contour: Forehead, hollows of the cheeks, nose line.

Using the second color (middle), this is my "warm your face" shade.  I like to use this as a "bronzer" without the sparkles.  Most bronzers are extremely warm and unnatural but with this cool-tone medium brown shade, it almost appears like a face powder that's 3-4 shades darker than my skin.  This is a great powder to use to warm up the rest of your face.

I like to apply a tiny amount all over my face to "darken up" the white cast created by BB cream.  I also like to use this as my cheek color.  

Now on to the last and final shade, this is a highlighting shade that I use to highlight the highest point of my cheeks, tip of my nose and even cupid's bow!

Now on to the brows!  It's always BROW Season the whole year round!  It is a first for me to use Etude House's Perfect Brow Kit.

This Perfect Brow Kit comes with 2 shades of brown for the brows and a highlighting powder.  Yes, brows need highlighting too!

Because brows are multi-dimensional, I never use just ONE shade for the brows so I like to mix both shades (the light and dark) and fill the sparse areas around my brows adding depth and filling it in to create more definition and volume.

Using the highlight powder, I apply on my brow bone to lift my eyes.

As for eyeshadow, eyeshadow powders may fade easily especially on rainy season.  I like to use cream eyeshadow and Play 101 Blending Pencils are great!  I picked shade 6 which is a medium dark brown shade.

Swatch: Shade 6

You can never go wrong with a brown eyeshadow.  It works all year round and it works for both day and night.

How to use?  Apply all over lid not going beyond the crease.  Do not worry about uneven lines because we will be blending them with a clean brush.

Keep on blending and feel free to add more.  This will create a very subtle and simple daytime smoky eyes.

Use the same pencil to apply on the lower lashline.

Since we're talking about rainy season, gloomy, dark and boring.  I like to whip an extra "oomph" with the new Dear My Eyes Talk.

This product comes in a very unique consistency, cream-to-powder finish.  It is very glittery so you have to be very careful in application for the pigments not to get into the eyes.

This product is best applied using finger tips with dabbing motion.
I like to apply this only at the center of the eyelid.

Let's not forget to line our eyes!  Liquid liners are my best bet if I wanted shiny eyeliner.  Gel liners are great but most of the finish is matte.  Because we are into "sparkling eyes", a glossy finish liquid liner from Oh M' Eye Line is my best bet.

Apply a thin line close to the lashline.

Don't forget to brighten up the pout!  I picked Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips-talk in shade PK004 which is a bright cool-tone pink shade.

A pop of color to brighten up our gloomy weather.

Don't forget to put up that huge smile!

Whew, that was long but I enjoyed the Rainy Season Look using Etude House's newest products.  Will try to create more look soon!  As for now, I'm sharing you the biggest smile I can give because the week is almost OVER!  And hey, I'm coming home from Thailand!  YAY!

What look are you aiming for next?
I'd love to hear from you!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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  1. I've used bb cream cotton fit in shade natural beige. Which shade looks closer with the shade of natural beige? Is the petal looks pink in the face?


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