Sunday, August 13, 2017

Weekend Food Trip at: Sear Steak Scullery

Ever since my son entered Pre-K at Banawe, QC, I probably made the "rounds" to almost ALL restaurants located in that location!  One of the most recent discovery is at Sear Steak Scullery. 

Sear Steak Scullery is one of the very few steak restaurants located at the said area so I am a bit excited in trying out the menu from there.  It's located at 238 Building which you will find other restaurants like King Chef, Tokyo Bubble Tea etc... around.

Now once you book a table, you will get a basket of their homemade pandesal which made my heart flutter!  It's the best tasting pandesal I've tried in my entire life and we actually tried purchasing these but these aren't on sale!

As much as the excitement were there, it died down a bit when we tried their fried dishes!

 Onion Rings
Deep fried breaded onions with cajun spice and tartar sauce.
I find that they added a bit too much of the cajun spice which I find a bit overwhelming for yummy onions.  

Breaded Shrimp


Breaded shrimp with thick hondashi sauce.

The shrimps also comes in a basket with breaded eggplant!  The thick breading is a bit too overwhelming for me but thankfully, the shrimps are fresh!

Breakfast Strip Steak
200g sirloin in honey garlic rub with 2 poached eggs.
What am I doing at a Steak Restaurant when I don't order a "steak"?  Well, I am really not into steak that night so I went for something more light to the tummy.  The steak came out really tender, the mashed potatoes is worth to join in the combo BUT, there is a weird taste of "curry" included in the steak and we actually asked the server about it!  Since the restaurant also offers "curry" dishes, I felt it was mixed a bit because I can't be wrong with the "curry taste" because I have pretty good sense of taste!  

As you can see, this restaurant didn't earn thumbs up from me but I am definitely going back to give them a chance and try out other dishes, probably go for the steak they are proud about!  But my first experience was a bit of a let-down.  Do let me know if you've been to this restaurant because I want to know what to order next when I revisit!

Sear Steak Scullery
Second Floor, 238 Center, Banawe
Corner Panalturan Street, Banawe, Quezon City

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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