Saturday, October 21, 2017

Look Good, Feel Good #KaneboPink

I strive to look good and feel good inside EVERY SINGLE DAY.
That's why I may have only a couple of hours sleep a day, my legs hurt from all the driving but I can still smile like this.....

because in my heart, I am at my happiest and peaceful state.  And I want to share that blessing of mine to the people who needs to Look Good, Feel Good too!

But first, let me tell you what #KaneboPink is and what this campaign is all about.

During this campaign period (October), beauty conunsellors at Kanebo Counters wear pink ribbon badges and promote the campaign and help raise awareness on how women should start breast self-exam TODAY for early detection and treatment.

So when I learned about Kanebo Look Good, Feel Good workshop for women who are going through or may have survived Breast Cancer, I told my good friend Robby --- Sign me up!

This is Kanebo Philippines' 2nd year to create such workshop together with ICanServe Foundation.

The event was held at East Cafe, Shangri-la Mall.  The place was a perfect venue for intimate workshops like this.

Kanebo Philippines set up the table for each attendee to have an experience of prettifying themselves easily.

Just look at this traincase-full of products, from skincare to makeup from Kanebo.

 I also spotted a new product called Kanebo Skin Gloss Oil Water which is perfect to be used for self-breast exam.

The event started on time, our dear strong women from H.O.P.E (Helping Other People Experiencing Breast Cancer) Taguig Branch came in on time.

  Mr. Robby Da Silva, welcomed everyone.

Nikoy De Guzman from ICanServe, also a makeup artist was also there to give all the ladies a support.

When I was introduced to the crowd, I can't help but share my heartfelt thanks for making me part of this lovely cause.  I have a very good friend who recently survived Breast Cancer (Hi Jals!) and I know the amount of strength these women have.

I kick started the workshop with skincare tips!  
I love seeing how a simple face massage can turn my model's frown to a smile!

Everyone did the face massage.

Look how a simple "Loving Yourself with Skincare products" 
can break the ice and puts everyone at ease.

I also went ahead and taught them makeup tricks!  The best part they love?  Brows!

You know how women undergoing treatment will tend to lose not only hair but facial hair (including brows).  this part I tool extra time to go around the area and help each women achieve #KilayIsLife brows.  

Everyone's so game prettifying themselves.

Happy Faces no amount of money can buy.

We event went straight to creating very simple eye makeup look.

And they were all game to do their own makeup with the help of Floe Tapayan, Chief Make Up Artist of Kanebo Philippines and Kanebo staffs.

Loving how selfies were all over the place!

I want to thank these hardworking girls from Kanebo Philippines for making this event possible.

A group photo with H.O.P.E., ICANServe Foundation, Kanefil's General Manager Ms. Jocelyn Uy
and yours truly AMW.

With Robby Da Silva, thanks for making me part of this!  You made my heart so full and happy!

For more information on #KaneboPink, visit Kanebo Pink Ribbon Campaign website.
Don't forget to Like Kanebo Philippines on Facebook and follow them on Instagram.

Have you done self breast exam recently?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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