Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Trick or Treat? Halloween With Vanilla Pumpkin!

I sign up on brand newsletters because I may not be an active shopper but I like to keep myself updated with what's new in the beauty scene because...that's what I'm here for!  To let you guys know what's up and about in the scene and actually help trigger your shopping interest!  Because mine was definitely triggered! :P

The Body Shop came out with one of their cutest (yet) collection just in time for the Halloween Season!  The Special Edition Vanilla Pumpkin range!

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I am a fan of body butters and I use them so fast I can't keep track how many tubs I've finished up!  The Olive variant is my ultimate favorite, next is the Mango but I think I've found a top favorite scent as of the moment! 

The Body Shop Vanilla Pumpkin Body Butter

a photo of The Body SHop Halloween Special Edition Vanilla Pumpkin Body Butter review.

Inspired by fresh-baked Halloween goodies, our special edition Vanilla Pumpkin Body Butter features a delightful blend of scents. Give your body all day moisture with our new spooky Vanilla Pumpkin Softening Body Butter. 
  • Body moisturiser with 24 hour moisture 
  • With vanilla extract from Madagascar 
  • Easily absorbed and softens skin 
  • Scented with quintessential pumpkin fragrance, vanilla from Madagascar and hints of tonka bean, hazelnut and maple syrup. 

  • Hands off, I dislike the scent of Vanilla like a plague!  So when I saw the name of the scent, I had this scary feeling that this is indeed a HALLOWEEN TRICK for me!  I actually sniffed this product live on AMW IG Stories last week and viewers will definitely see how I was honestly surprised how much I like the scent!  I even said the world "Sarap" (yummy) in a sense that it smells really good I want to taste it!  

    a photo of The Body SHop Halloween Special Edition Vanilla Pumpkin Body Butter review.

    Now pushing "wonderful scent" aside, this is actually a more creamy consistency body butter that applies very smoothly on skin and it gets absorbed quickly without leaving a greasy and oily feel.  This is indeed a nice "finishing touch" after shower because it gives you that luxurious feel and skin instantly feels soft and smooth like a baby's bum! 

    I like to use a good amount of this on my elbows, knees especially heels because I needed the most moisture there!

    Hats off to The Body Shop for giving all of us a TREAT instead of TRICK this Halloween!  I just need to go back to The Body Shop stores and hoard on these before they run out!

    What's your favorite Body Butter from The Body Shop?

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    Stay happy!


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