Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Cathy Doll Brow Mascara Review

Way before I got addicted to Brow Pencils, Brow Powders and Brow Gels, my love affair for Brow products started with a product called Brow Mascara.

"Brow Mascara what?"  That's the exact phrase my brother texted when I asked him to help me purchase my favorite Brow Mascara whenever he stops over Hong Kong.  People weren't really into brow products back then and Brow Mascaras are almost non-existent in the Philippine Market.

Fast forward to today, I am so happy I am a Beauty Blogger and even happier than there are more Brow Mascara choices now!  Being a Beauty blogger made me want to search for more new and upcoming products and brands and one of the promising brand I found is from Cathy Doll.

Okay, I have worked with the brand for more than a year now but seriously, they always hear my honest thoughts on the products they are bringing in.  One of the product I raised both hands for them to bring it in is called Cathy Doll Brow Mascara --- call me selfish (because I use them dearly), but after trying and testing this out, I knew my country has to try it too!  (naks!  My country talaga!)

a photo of Cathy Doll Brow Mascara Review

The Cathy Doll Brow mascara is available in 4 yummy sounding shades - Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Creamy Caramel and Hazelnut.  

I know most of you chocolate lovers are thinking about your favorite chocolate brands now, me, I'm thinking about Coffee Flavors!  #lol

I got the shade Dark Chocolate which is the darkest shade from the bunch.  Housed in a "Cathy Doll-like" packaging (translate: CUTE), I like the stripes and gold!

a photo of Cathy Doll Brow Mascara Review

The size of the product is just right and the wand is perfect in length and brush head is not too small or big!  I find this very easy and comfortable to use!

As the name states, the shade Dark Chocolate is different from what I expected.  This is more of a golden brown than just dark brown!  

a photo of Cathy Doll Brow Mascara Dark Chocolate

As for any brow mascara application, I always like to brush a good amount of product against the growth direction of my brow hairs to "tint" all hairs!

a photo of askmewhats wearing Cathy Doll Brow Mascara Dark Chocolate

Once you're happy with how your brows are equally tinted, gently brush the product going with the same direction as the growth of your brow hairs!  This will create fluffy-looking brows too and my secret on days I don't like to use any other brow products.

a photo of askmewhats Cathy Doll Brow Mascara

Before and After

before and after photo of Cathy Doll Brow Mascara Dark Chocolate

AMW says ---

  • Easy to use.
  • The texture is smooth and easy to apply.
  • Dries off pretty quickly but brow hairs aren't stiff.
  • Tints the brow hair naturally.  The effect is very natural.
  • Has some sort of a shimmery finish giving your brows some dimension.
  • Can actually tint and fill in gaps.
  • Can last the whole day for normal skin users.
Now on to the down side, well, if you are opting for a brow mascara more dramatic in terms of tinting, you won't get it in Cathy Doll because the effect appears very natural!  

Cathy Doll Brow Mascara is available locally at Watsons nationwide and online.

For more information about Cathy Doll products ---
website: http://lifestrong.com.ph/product-category/cathy-doll/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cathydollphils/
IG: www.instagram.com/Cathydollphils

Do you like the subtle tinting I get from Cathy Doll Brow Mascara?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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