Friday, December 8, 2017

Kyle's Holiday Health Buddy!

As a busy mom, I almost NEVER have a down time, I'm always rushing from one meetings to another sneaking some events in between as I also include driving my son to and from school as I do my errands in between!  

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Crazy right?  Well, yes, and if you ask me how I find time and energy for that!  I always joke about taking several cups of coffee as my "vitamin" to keep me going!  But truthfully, I depend highly on my round of vitamins to prevent me from catching infectious diseases --- which of course, will put my family's health at risk too!

When my son started school, I noticed he gets sick more often as he gets more exposed to kids and people in general.  And you know how preschoolers are!  Sharing toys, huddling close together inside an air-conditioned room.  

That's the reason why after several episodes of cough, colds and fever from my Unico Hijo, I've told myself: "Enough is enough!  I have to do something to protect my child!"

Php62.00 per 60mL bottle and Php119.00 per 120mL bottleavailable in drugstores, supermarkets and FERN Kiosks nationwide 

Aside from his usual vitamins as recommended by his Pediatrician, I also added a good dose of FERN-C kidz because FERN-C kidz uses Sodium Ascorbate, the non-acidic form of vitamin C. This makes FERN-C kidz less acidic as compared to other vitamin C’s available in the market. I can tell what an acidic Vitamin C can do as I have ulcer and I don't want my son to have the same pain I suffer at times!

Of course, I waited for the Pedia's "go-signal" before adding FERN-C kidz to Kyle's diet.   We were told if the vitamin is formulated with Zinc, it will help build further resistance from illnesses and common diseases as it is also essential for the growth, sensory and cognitive development of our child.

Added benefit is the yummy orange flavored syrup that Kyle loves!  

Mommies, what Vitamins do you let your son/daughter take?
Do you want to win a gift pack from FERN-C kidz this Christmas?  
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