Sunday, December 10, 2017

Weekend Food Trip at: Tien Ma's

The first time I visited Tien Ma's at Banawe branch was last year when Keith was hospitalized!  I went for takeout and got everything that was recommended by the waitress and everything tastes wonderful! 

After that first time order, we've decided to go back to the said restaurant a couple of times and tried their other dishes!  I'm glad their food choices expanded and they even offer Truffled Xiao Long Bao!

Black Mushroom with Truffle Oil Xiao Long Bao
Not bad price for 8pcs of Xiao Long Bao.  You really get a hint of Truffle upon each bite!  The skin of the Xiao Long Bao is soft and smooth and you get a good amount of "soup" inside.

Deep Fried Stinky Tofu


I've had Stinky Tofu in Shanghai once and I realized it wasn't the authentic one so I wanted to give Stinky Tofu another try here in Manila and the experience was unforgettable!

Taking a bite at Tien Ma's Stinky Tofu takes a lot of strength because you can literally smell it from afar and taking a bite won't change the fact that it is indeed extremely STINKY!  I call this dish "acquired taste".  You either love it so much or hate it a lot!  

You wanted to know how I feel about this dish?  We had a good laugh because a lot of expletives were blurted out while chewing this Stinky Tofu dish!

If you're adventurous, I dare you to give this a try and let me know how you like/hate it.

Sweet and Sour Pork
A great dish to go for if you are a "safe-eater".  This is really yummy with crunchy exterior while you get a dash of sweet and sour taste on every bite!

Garlic Vegetables
Choice: Polonchay 
One of the best vegetable dish I've tried!  Really flavorful with garlic bits fresh and dry!  Will definitely reorder this again when I return!

Fried Pork Chop
This dish is what you should order when you visit Tien Ma's because this is their specialty.  You get a big size Pork Chop so crunchy and flavorful!

And of course order your choice of Fried Rice and we went for Taiwan Style Fried Rice for Php200.00 per plate!

Tien Ma's is a typical Taiwanese Restaurant that serves authentic tasting Taiwanese dish!

Have you tried dining at Tien Ma's?  How was your experience?

By the way, while we're at it!  Have you tried the Red Ribbon Cappuccino Creme?  I have to share how much I love this cake because seriously, the BEST I've tried this year!  Love this cake so much we found ourselves buying this even without occasion!  I just call this my "reward cake" as I've been super good this year!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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