Saturday, January 27, 2018

ORLY Nail Lacquer Ice Cream Art

Since I turn into an AskMeMom, nail art designs on my short fingernails are almost non-existent!  As much as I want to get my jam back, weekends (which are usually my nail art moments) are turned into Family bonding dates!  It's not because I turned into a mom that Nail Art Tutorials are lesser, it was because I have more jobs to handle and I'm thankful for that!  But again, to be able to finish my tasks, I have to set priorities and unfortunately, nail art isn't a priority as of the moment!  But if there were nights I have enough energy to create a simple nail art once the angel goes to sleep, I create THIS!

My super easy Ice Cream Art which puts a huge smile to Kyle's face in the morning!

Products used: 

Base: Orly Cotton Candy
Middle Ice Cream: Pink Chocolate
Topmost tip: Prelude to a Kiss

I was inspired to create a simple nail art design because I got these colorful ORLY Lacquers for Christmas!

Left to Right: Prelude to A Kiss, Cotton Candy, Pink Chocolate, 
Gumdrop, Blue Collar and Haute Red

And to keep my nails looking fresh all week and dry faster coat after coat, I used the ORLY Two-in-One Basecoat + Topcoat.

I'm not sure about you but I'm excited to create more designs even simple ones just to be able to use and maximize the ORLY shades I own!  These are all available at PUREBEAUTY stores near you (Serendra, TriNoma, Glorietta 4, Robinsons Department Store Cebu, Landmark TriNoma and Landmark Makati).  You may also check out their online store

What's your favorite ORLY shade out of the bunch?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I miss all your nail art post admiring your nail art since 2009 hahaha

    1. sweet, thanks sis! I missed them too! Iba talaga if mom na! :D

  2. I am amazed with nail arts may it be simple or super artsy. My nails are small and soft but sometimes I go for the basics or do the simple and cute stamping design!I like the Pink Chocolate shade it is vibrant!


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