Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Kanebo Luster Cream Foundation Review

The last time I used a cream foundation housed in a gorgeous bottle like this, is from Paul & Joe which is also a Japanese brand. 

How I love the Japanese cosmetics brand when it comes to packaging - how luxe they feel yet still remain the simplicity - just like how we like in our Beauty Regimen.

I recently tried the Kanebo Luster Cream Foundation.  
Let me tell you upfront right now, this foundation is expensive as compared to the usual drugstore or mid-range foundations I feature here, but... I don't mind paying premium when it comes to foundations especially if I plan to use this on my lovely brides for their super special day!

And maybe, just maybe, after you scrolled down and see my before and after photo, you'll understand why this earned raves amongst Beauty Enthusiasts worldwide.

a photo of Kanebo Luster Cream Foundation Review in Ochre D by Nikki Tiu of www.askmewhats.com

Kanebo Luster Cream Foundation Says ---
A rich textured cream foundation that achieves a flawless, luminous finish like porcelain. The complexion is instantly more luminous and visibly evener. The enriched formula creates a smooth porcelain skin with comfort.
Available in 8 Shades

AMW says --- 
  • Glass packaging, protecting the cream foundation making the product fresh even nearing the "finish line".
  • Comes with a spatula which is perfect since I don't want to dip my brush or fingers.
  • Buildable coverage.
  • Gives a flawless, even and skin-like finish.
  • Can cover certain skin issues like redness, undereye circles and acne marks.
  • Comes in a lot of shades - thank you!
  • Skin looks lifted and very young and healthy.
  • Works even for makeup beginners, blending is easy with this product!

  • Is it just me but I wish they have a spatula casing, I always end up losing them!

A perfect skin-like foundation that gives good coverage (almost full if layered).  Skin looks healthy, young and glowing from within.


  • Best used with a foundation brush and maybe blend out harsh edges with dry sponge.
  • Always use the spatula to scoop out foundation and put at the back of your hand (for personal use) or a plate (for professional use).
  • Set with lightweight powder on key areas that tend to oil up especially for users with oily skin.
  • Dry-skinned users can actually get away not setting this product as it gives a soft, luminous finish.
  • If you wanted more coverage, dab more product on areas OR use a separate concealer but make sure the concealer/corrector has natural finish or else, the products will "ruin" the natural, porcelein-like finish.

Will I repurchase?
Big YES - for professional use.  This is a nice Bridal Makeup Base!

To whom do I recommend this to?
Soon-to-be brides or those who wanted to treat themselves with really nice foundation!

Where to purchase and how much?
Available at Kanebo counters Rustans priced at Php7,200.00 (approx $160.00).

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You get a full jar of product.

a photo of Kanebo Luster Cream Foundation Review in Ochre D by Nikki Tiu of www.askmewhats.com

Swatch : Ochre D
Ochre D is like the 2nd to the darkest shade out of the bunch.  I love how it has warm undertone to it and you can actually pick the cooler tones as they are also available for this particular product! 

a swatch photo of Kanebo Luster Cream Foundation Review in Ochre D by Nikki Tiu of www.askmewhats.com

Since I want to make sure to really use all the product and not have them absorbed in a sponge or brush, I like to grab a few amount of the Luster Cream Foundation and gently apply using my clean hands on areas of my face that needed the most coverage.

Then I use a foundation brush and blend out product going for the same direction as the facial hair growth.  I add more on key areas like pimple marks, redness and undereye area as it can give a nice amount of coverage minus the "paint" effect.

a photo of Kanebo Luster Cream Foundation Review in Ochre D by Nikki Tiu of www.askmewhats.com

Before and After
It was perfect timing for me to show you the effect of this foundation as my skin was recently acting up (monthly thing girls!)  See how my skin looks lifted?  Young-looking?  And how it can cover my pimple marks?  

And what I love about this product is that, no matter how much I pile on it, layers after layers, the effect still looks like SKIN and even if you look closely, you wont see a trace of foundation but you see SKIN that is 100% better than the original.  I guess that is the premium you are paying for!  

a before and after photo of Kanebo Luster Cream Foundation Review in Ochre D by Nikki Tiu of www.askmewhats.com

And lastly, it doesn't give flashbacks even on direct flash!  So again, I hail this a perfect special occasion foundation!  Because this really works!

How do you feel about this foundation?
Is it worth the price?  Will you purchase this for personal use or maybe for clients
 (if you are a PRO MUA?)

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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